No Sun Beds On Costa Teguise Beaches

Sunbed in Costa Teguise

We went through this pain in 2013 and 2016 in Puerto del Carmen. In Costa Teguise this happened last in 2013, and here we are in 2017, with no sun beds and no parasols on the beaches.

The consequence of all this is that my inbox is once again filled with emails like this one, received this morning:

As a frequent visitor to Costa Teguise one of the things I most look forward to is spending my days chilling on the beach with a good book, a drink,from the relative comfort of a sun bed and parasol,despite the €12 charge whether it be occupied from 9am or 3pm.Imagine then how disappointed I was to discover the sun beds on all the beaches in Costa Teguise have disappeared.

This has really spoilt our holiday as restricted mobility makes it difficult for me to sit on the sand directly but nevertheless gave it a try. Consequently plans to sit on the beach this holiday have had to be abandoned.I really am puzzled as to why the powers that be have to wait until the contract ended before doing somthing about arranging for a new one to take over. Think of all the revenue they must have lost, usually this time of year the beach is relatively full, instead of the handful of people that have been on it this past week. If you have the opportunity I should be very pleased if you could pass on my comments to anyone relevant regarding the lack of sun beds.Also if it had been publicised that this was going to happen we may not have booked to come here this year. Apologies for the rant but didn't know who else to express the dissatisfaction and disappointment to.

Frankly, it’s pathetic that neither Tias nor Teguise Ayuntamientos seem able to arrange continuity for the contractors who run the concessions on the beaches. Every time a contact comes to an end, the beds are all removed while we wait through a painful tender process for a new contractor to be appointed.

Here are some questions for Ayuntamiento de Teguise:

  • Why isn’t the tender process done well in advance of the old contact ending, so that the successful contractor simply moves in on the same day the old one moves out?
  • If that can’t be achieved, why use a contractor? Employ staff, buy the sun beds and parasols and take the profits for the ayuntamiento!
  • Why isn’t information about this clearly explained to tour operators and information services like ours, well in advance, with a clear date for when the problem will be resolved
  • Why isn’t this information anywhere on the ayuntamiento's website or in the frequent press releases?

This is really damaging for Lanzarote - the email above is just one of hundreds of contacts I have had from unhappy people. Some of them were on their first visit to the island and they won’t be coming back. The major tour operators are disgruntled, as their clients are unhappy and complaining to them, travel agents may choose to switch their clients to other destinations to avoid this grief in the future.

I think the ayuntamientos keep a low profile when this is going on and leave people like us to deal with all the flack. These days, with social media, the word is already “out there" - and for every email I get like the one above, I’m getting ten from people who are booked to come here over the next few weeks and are asking if I know when the sun beds will be back.

Come on, Ayuntamiento de Teguise, you really need to get this sorted out very quickly, and communicate what is happening so I can continue to give people good advice and honest answers.

I contacted the tourism department for Costa Teguise and the mayor two days ago for a comment, and I haven't had a reply. If and when I do, I will publish it here.

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