No Camping At Easter

The campsite at Papagayo in Playa Blanca will not be opening for Semana Santa this year.

Papagayo Campsite Lanzarote

The decision was announced by Juan Lorenzo Tavío the councillor for public works and water, who confirmed that their intention is to open the campsite for the summer.  The council commented that it costs a minimum of 3,000 Euros to open the facility, this is for cleaning and to mark the segregation of plots. In previous years other local councils have helped with the cost of the campsite as Yaiza point out, the majority of users are not from their municipality. Easter is not as popular for camping as the summer period, so economically it was best to work towards opening from the 22nd June to 9th September.

This campsite is on hard standing and popular for caravans, the other campsite in Lanzarote which is open all year round and better for tents is on the island of La Graciosa.

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