New Intercambio Group, Playa Honda, 2nd March 2011

The third Intercambio group for Lanzarote will start from this Wednesday 2nd March 2011 and the following first Wednesday each month after.Intercambio_Playa_Honda 

Intercambio is proving a really popular way for people in Lanzarote to practice their language skills whilst making new friends. The aim of the session is to find a native speaker in the language that you are learning, spend 30 minutes talking in that language and then swap for 30 minutes of the other language so that both sides get an equal time of practice. There are lots of Spanish who would like to improve their English as well as Brits wanting to improve their Spanish.

We’ve been along to some of these sessions and found them good fun as well as being practical, you get to know some of the local colloquialisms and a gentle correction if you’re not saying something quite right. You don’t have to live here, if you’re just visiting but would like to join in please do!

There is no charge for Intercambio, you simply pay for a drink to enjoy at the venue. The Playa Honda group will meet at Friends Bar which is situated in the Playa Flor Bungalows at La Concha, from 17:00 to 19:00.

This language exchange group is being run by Silvia from the Lanzarote Business Association, you can contact her by email for more information.