New Desalination Plant For Lanzarote

Desalination Plant Punta Los Vientos Plans for a new desalination plant in Lanzarote have been approved. The new plant will be constructed at Punta de los Vientos in Arrecife at a cost of 6.8 million Euros, it is expected to be implemented within 14 months.

Currently Lanzarote has two water desalination plants situated at Punta Los Vientos in Arrecife and Planta Janubio in Yaiza. Due to an increase in demand of water, these plants are now operating at 90% of their maximum capacity every day. The plant at Punta Los Vientos has two lines Lanzarote III and Lanzarote IV both of which produce 30,000 cubic metres of water a day, Janubio is much smaller with a capacity of 7,500 m³/d.

The first phase of the expansion (Lanzarote V) will see two new lines installed both with a production capacity of 12,000 cubic metres per day, these will work by inverse osmosis. The new plant has been designed so that it could operate with four lines allowing for increased production in the future.

The new Lanzarote V will be built in the space previously used by Lanzarote II which has now been dismantled. 

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