Museo Atlantico Underwater Images

We wrote about the opening of Museo Atlantico recently here: Official opening of Museo Atlantico.

And we’ve now been able to get some fabulous images taken up close with the statues, from our friends at Manta Diving.

P1270490  P1270491

P1270495  P1270499

P1270502  P1270504

As you can see, some of the statues that were put down originally, already have a good growth on them, and the museum is starting to fulfil its role as an artificially reef.

P1270506  P1270507

P1270511  P1270514

Some of the figures can be quite eery.

P1270528  P1270531

P1270515  P1270517

P1270525  P1270534

P1270532  P1270537

You can find out more about diving Museo Atlantico from Manta Diving.