Motor Racing - Rallye Isla de Los Volcanes

A nine stage off road rally, the XV Rallye de Tierra Isla de Los Volcanes will be held in Lanzarote on Saturday 22nd September 2012.

XV Rallye de Tierra Isla de Los Volcanes

The rally is organised by the Federación Interinsular de Automovilismo de Las Palmas (FALP). Fifteen rally teams have been confirmed for this competition, which is key to deciding the regional championship.


Although 9 stages, there are actually 3 sections that will be raced, the first 4 stages are between Tinajo and La Santa, then 2 in a stage between Tahíche and the Complejo Agroindustrial in Teguise, followed by 3 from Famara to Teguise.


Race centre is in La Villa de Teguise in the Plaza de Las Maretas where the verification and pre and post race sessions will be held.

Race Programme:

21st September

20:00 – 21:30 Verification of the rally cars in the Plaza de Teguise

22:00 Publication of the vehicles authorised to race the following day

22nd September

08:15 Driver’s meeting

09:00 Departure of the 1st participant to start stage 1

17:40 Arrival of the 1st participant to end the rally

18:00 Award ceremony in the Plaza de Teguise, followed by the press conference with the first three teams classified

18:30 Publication of the results


The XV Rally de Tierra Isla de Los Volcanes has a total distance of 167.42 km with 9 timed sections totalling 58 km.


Stage 1 & 2 Tinajo – La Santa is a distance of 7.05 km and will be held at 09:30 & 10:15. Leaving from 100m of the C/ Alcaraván in Tinajo to the finish line at the white house on the end of C/ Las Bentacoras in La Santa.

Stage 3 & 4 La Santa – Tinajo is the reverse of this route and slightly shorter at 6.95 km held at 11:15 & 11:55.


Stage 5 & 6 Complejo Agroindustrial, this stage is 8.73 km long, leaving from 180m of Calle Agustin de la Hoz in Tahíche to the Complejo in Teguise at 13:50 & 14:30.


Stage 7, 8 & 9 Famara – Teguise is a distance of 4.18 km the races will be held at 16:00, 16:35 & 17:10.