Monthly tasting sessions at Teguise market

Teguise council have announced a new gastronomy series of events to take place once a month from January to June 2017.

Enero Mes de la cabra1 29 01 2017

Each event will take place at the Sunday market in La Villa de Teguise. The idea is to promote the local products by holding tasting sessions in the Zona Agricola area of the market, for visitors and residents to taste the flavour of products found in Lanzarote.

Nuestros Sabores Generico


January is La Carne de Cabra - the month of the goat, tastings on Sunday 29th

February is Veduras y Aromáticas - the month of vegetables & herbs, tastings on Sunday 19th

March is Queso - the month of cheese, tastings on Sunday 19th 

April is Cebolla - the month of onion, tastings on Sunday 23rd

May is Papa - the month of the potato, tastings on Sunday 21st

June is Grano - the month of the grain, tastings on Sunday 18th

The Sunday market is open from 09:00 to 14:00, it’s the biggest and oldest market on the island and if you haven’t been it’s definitely worth a trip. There’s lots of stalls with a mix of modern fashion, traditional arts & crafts, local produce. jewellery and leather goods.