Miguel Poveda Concert in Lanzarote

Please note this concert has been postponed due to the strike by Iberia, ticket refunds can be claimed from the Cabildo.

New Date! Miguel Poveda's concert in Lanzarote will now be held at 21:00 on the 10th May. Tickets from the suspended concert cannot be used, you must return them and purchase new ones from the 10th April, which remain at the same price of €20 each. You can make reservations by email to reservas@cabildodelanzarote.com

Flamenco singer, Miguel Poveda from Barcelona will be performing live in concert for the first time in Lanzarote, on Friday 22nd February 2013.

Miguel Poveda 1Miguel Poveda 2

This internationally recognised artist will be performing at the Teatro Insular in Arrecife with an intimate concert accompanied by Juan Gómez Chicuelo (piano) and  Joan Albert Amargós (guitar).

The Miguel Poveda concert will offer an interesting journey through the world of flamenco, tango and poetry. Tickets are selling fast, the concert is not sold out as yet, but there are only a few seats left.  Despite his youth Poveda has recorded eight albums and won numerous awards since performing from the age of 15. The flamenco singer is considered by critics and professional companions as “todo un talento”.

This video is a sound track from the film Broken Embraces by Miguel Poveda.

Tickets are available from the department of Área de Educación y Cultura in the Cabildo which is situated on the first floor and open from 08:00 to 15:00, the ticket price is €20.