Marina Rubicón Market, Playa Blanca

Overlooking Marina Rubicon Market The stylish Marina Rubicón in Playa Blanca provides the perfect backdrop to the twice-weekly market. Every Wednesday and Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00, the Marina plays host to the popular market, with a range of stalls to suit every taste. Nestled in between the trendy shops and a wide assortment of cafes and bars, the market brings together groups of tourists and locals, creating a lively atmosphere and colourful scenes.

The market started 4 years ago and according to one of the original stall-holders, Ross, whose jewellery stall has a prime position in the square, it’s grown considerably but still has very few stalls selling the same things as each other. Originally set in the Plaza, it now extends right around the Marina. This is not a food market and there are no hamburger vans to distract you here! Marina Rubicón market is distinctly up-market and rightly so with a backdrop of some of the most expensive yachts on the island.

Marina Rubicon Market, stall holders hand paint their goodsMarina Rubicon Market, colourful hydro cristals to grow plants without soil

The stalls don’t compete with the local cafes and bars so you will only find the local limoncello stall and the winemaker offering tastes of their wares. The rest of the stalls offer very reasonably priced gifts or pocket money treats with particularly good jewellery. Many have gifts that can be engraved or hand painted but there are also some lovely Lanzarote souvenirs. Many of the items, including necklaces and ornaments, show the island’s unique artistic style.

Marina Rubicon Market, canarian tableclothsMarina Rubicon Market, bright white cotton clothes

The market is fully accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs although the route winds through the pavements and visitors have to watch their footing in some places. Heavy stone cannonballs, designed to stop cars parking on the quayside pavements on non-market days, sometimes catch out market-goers engrossed in the stalls. Palm trees line the routes and gladioli grow in the flowerbeds in the square. And beyond all this, hundreds of yachts and catamarans bob in the water and their tall masts reach up into the blue sky.

Marina Rubicon Market, the sound of pan pipes fills the airMarina Rubicon Market, wind spinners

Stall-holders also provide a variety of musical styles from traditional Canarian songs to the ubiquitous pan-pipes. One stall sells ocarinas and bird-song makers. Children love these and their sounds echo round the market and side streets.

Marina Rubicon Market, beautiful local jewelleryMarina Rubicon Market, wind mobiles

This colourful market will provide you with the chance to buy jewellery, leather goods, African artworks, beautiful white cotton, traditional local tablecloths, windsocks and mobiles, cute trinkets, stylish clothes and scarves.

It’s a beautiful market in a superb setting and once you’ve wandered around the stalls, stay on for a refreshing drink in one of the many cafes and watch the yachts or walk through the marina and marvel at the size of the fish as you cross the boardwalks.

Our thanks to Barbra for this article, a Playa Blanca resident and new contributor for Lanzarote Information.

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