Maceys Lanzarote

Maceys is a quality British supermarket based in Tías, Lanzarote offering a fabulous selection of your favourite brands and products from the UK.

Maceys LanzaroteGeoff & Sue Lockwood

Established in 2009, Maceys are situated on the high street in Tías, which is a central location for residents and visitors to stock up on food, toiletries and gift items that you miss from home.

The difference with Maceys is one that you can taste, as this supermarket only stocks British sourced goods, as opposed to Spanish made British goods. Although they can look the same from the branding, they are a different recipe to the ones we know and love. A good example of this is Cadbury’s chocolate and one of the reasons why their range of confectionery is very popular with residents.

Ready Meals at Maceys in LanzaroteConfectionery at Maceys

Fresh dairy and refrigerated goods are shipped to Lanzarote each month, regular customers know the “Pork Pie Friday" message means that the new delivery is in stock. Shoppers can find Müller yoghurts, clotted cream, a selection of ready meals, various cheeses and other goods in the cold food section, as well as the pork pies.

Real Ales in LanzaroteIndian food in LanzaroteChinese food products in Lanzarote

Maceys off licence section is a delight for real ale drinkers as there’s a large selection of craft beers on offer as well as cider and fine wines from around the world. For those that love to drink wine but not alcohol, the white, rosé and red wine range is in stock from Eisberg. Fancy an Indian or Chinese meal at home? Macey’s have a range of cook in sauces, rice, noodles, poppadums', naan breads, prawn crackers and even ready meals so you don’t have to eat out or pick up a take away.

Easter at Maceys in LanzaroteGreetings cards in Lanzarote

You can’t beat Maceys for seasonal goods in Lanzarote, you can rely on them to be stocked up well in advance for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s & Father’s Day and Christmas with your British favourites. Their card selection is excellent, with greeting cards for every occasion, even including baby showers. They also stock a range of commemorative birthday mugs, glasses and gifts.

If you visit Maceys and don’t find what you were looking for, please ask a member of staff. Many customers ask for specific items to be sourced in the UK and imported to Lanzarote. That personal service extends to shopping in advance, if you’re visiting Lanzarote and need to stock up on your must have items, don’t fret about packing them in your suitcase, send your shopping list by email and the team will have your bags packed and waiting for you when you arrive.

Maceys are open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:30 and Saturday 10:00 to 17:00. Situated on the high street in Tías (Avenida Central 27) there is free parking outside.


Telephone: (0034) 928 83 34 34


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