Lost City of Atlantis?

atlantis 5Earlier this year the Telegraph ran an article asking if this image on Google Ocean could be the lost city of Atlantis?

The image does look remarkably like a grid of streets and in the area that Atlantis was believed to have existed. The criss cross of lines are situated 620 miles off the coast of North West Africa, close to the Canary Islands. It’s hard for us to imagine the size of the image, the rectangle shown is about the size of Wales! The image can be found at the co-ordinates 31 15'15.53N 24 15'30.53W.

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Google Ocean is an extension of Google Earth and allows users to see thousands of underwater landscapes, you can swim around volcanoes, find shipwrecks and link to lots of video footage with marine life and ocean expeditions.

Atlantis_map_1882 The legend of Atlantis, the island described by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato as an island of fabulous wealth and natural beauty, has captured our imagination for years.

The image was noticed by an aeronautical engineer, Bernie Bamford who said that he thought it must be man made and that it looked like the aerial map of a city. Dr Charles Orser, the curator of historical archaeology at New York State Univertisy said that the find was fascinating and warranted further inspection - "The site is one of the most prominent places for the proposed location of Atlantis, as described by Plato," the Atlantis expert said. "Even if it turns out to be geographical, it definitely deserves a closer look."

Hopes were dashed, when Google explained later, that the lines actually reflected the shipping lanes of the boats, collecting the sonar data to map the ocean floor.

There are still many Atlantis hunters who are convinced that the lost city still lies below the sea waiting to be discovered. What do you think - does Atlantis exist?

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