Living in Lanzarote - Free Audio Of The Book

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As you may know, we do a weekly podcast of our Lanzarote newsletter. To add to it, we’ve decided to create an audio version of our book, Living in Lanzarote, for everyone who listens to the Podcast. 

The book was written in 2006, and charts our decision to move to Lanzarote, the planning to do so, our arrival, the start, stop and restart of our business and how we gradually settled in during our first 6 years on the island.

For those of you who haven’t read the books on paperback or Kindle, this is a different way of hearing it, read by the author. It’s completely free of charge for people who subscribe to our podcast.

You’ll find the first two chapters at this link, it’s the episode called “Living in Lanzarote Chapters 1 and 2":  Lanzarote Information Podcast

We’ll add 2 or 3 more chapters every week, so make sure you either subscribe at Buzzsprout - the button is top right, via iTunes or with your favourite Podcast software. If in doubt, just Google “Lanzarote Information Podcast."

We hope you enjoy it!