Lanzarote Weather - Rain Next Week?

A few people have been asking us about next week’s weather, so we’ve done some digging to find out what the score is for you.

Barranco flowing 2

First of all, an update on this week - it’s been glorious, blue skies no clouds and temperatures well into the 30’s - perfect autumn weather, Lanzarote style!

So what about next week? There is a storm brewing, and it’s currently well north of us. Its expected to deposit some heavy rain on the mainland of Spain and Portugal, before shifting down towards The Canaries on Sunday.

Looking at the satellite image projection, we’ll catch the outer part of the storm “swirl" as it passes well north of us, and we can expect some rain on Monday and Tuesday, with it clearing on Wednesday. There are no warnings of "heavy" rain and none for high winds in the islands, just “some" rain.

It’s worth elaborating on “some rain." We had “Some rain" last week, and what that actually meant was a single shower of less than 30 minutes, the the clouds cleared and we had our normal sunshine. So when you look at your apps and they say 90% chance of rain on Monday, that could be for a few minutes!

Remember this is just a projection, and it will only require the smallest shift in the direction for it to miss us completely - as we often say, we are very small islands in a very large ocean.

If it does rain? Don’t panic, it won’t last long, and it will still be warm. In the meantime: What to do when it rains in Lanzarote

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