Lanzarote Weather, October 2013

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Lanzarote Weather October

On the whole October’s weather was warm and sunny, the top temperature fell a few degrees during the month as you’d expect with winter approaching.  The weather’s a little bit changeable at this time of year, there were still plenty of good beach days especially around the middle of the month from the 17th to 23rd. We did experience an occasional shower as well as the spectacular thunder and lightening storm on the 28th.

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1/10 There's a 75% chance of rain first thing in Lanzarote, it should brighten up by mid to late morning. There's plenty of sunshine on the forecast for the afternoon with a little bit of cloud / high cloud around. Variable light wind 0-15 km/h stronger in the south of the island. 29 degrees.

2/10 Sunshine and showers for Lanzarote, the forecast shows a cloudy but bright start to the day, clearing for 5-6 hours of sunshine, then showers from 5pm. Slightly cooler with a high of 27 degrees. Wind south west / west 15-20 km/h with gusts up to 35 km/h later.

3/10 The showers expected yesterday fell overnight, any remaining drizzle should clear by sunrise. Sunshine with a thin layer of high cloud for most of Lanzarote today, the wind has changed around to north east 0-15 km/h and it's still warm with 29 degrees.

4/10 Sunshine and cloudy intervals for Lanzarote today, variable wind north east / east 15-20 km/h. 26 degrees.

7/10 Sunshine with a few cloudy intervals for Lanzarote today. Quite cloudy 11-12am with a 30% chance of a shower. North / north east wind 10-15 km/h. 27 degrees.

8/10 It's looking quite cloudy on the forecast for the next couple of days with some showers too. There are some bright spells of sunshine and it's still warm 27-29 degrees. Wind 15-25 km/h from the north with gusts up to 40 km/h during the day.

9/10 Thick cloud for Lanzarote this morning! There are some blue patches of sky breaking through and sunny intervals are forecast, along with a 35-80% chance of a shower. 26-28 degrees. Wind 15-25 km/h with gusts up to 45 km/h.

10/10 A much brighter start to the day in Lanzarote, sunshine this morning, cloudier this afternoon. Wind 10-15 km/h north west during this morning, north this afternoon and north east this evening. 27 degrees.

11/10 A sunny day for Lanzarote, there's a little bit of cloud around but plenty of blue sky today. Wind 10-20 km/h from the north. 26-28 degrees.

15/10 A sunny day for Lanzarote, wind 10-25 km/h from the north / north east with gusts up to 40 km/h this morning. 27 degrees.

16/10 Partly cloudy / sunny intervals for Lanzarote today, still warm with 25-27 degrees. The wind is 10-20 km/h from the north east.

17/10 It's gorgeous outside in Lanzarote today, there's hardly a breeze, we have a lovely blue sky, sunshine and it's warm. Wind 0-10 km/h from the north. 27 degrees.

18/10 Another warm, sunny and blue sky day for Lanzarote, still no wind 0-5 km/h from the south and we should see 30 degrees later.

21/10 Sunshine with cloudy intervals for Lanzarote today, hardly any wind 0-10 km/h from the north and a high of 28 degrees.

22/10 We're expecting a glorious day in Lanzarote, sunshine without any wind 0-5km/h and 27 degrees.

23/10 Another 2 days of the same kind of weather we enjoyed yesterday, sunny, 27-30 degrees and hardly a breeze in Lanzarote.

24/10 A bit cloudier today in Lanzarote, especially this morning, clearing for a lovely afternoon. A very light wind from all directions 0-10 km/h. 26-29 degrees.

25/10 The wind's back! A windy and overcast start for Friday in Lanzarote with 75% chance of a shower this morning and gusts from the north west up to 45 km/h. We should have a few hours of sunshine from mid afternoon. 26 degrees.

26/10 There's an advance warning of a yellow alert for tomorrow afternoon in Lanzarote (Sunday 27th Oct) for heavy rain. We're expecting thunderstorms with 15 mm rainfall accumulated in an hour from 14:00 until midnight.

28/10 The thunder is still rumbling on in Lanzarote this morning and the yellow alert for rain (15 mm per hour) remains in place until 15:00 today. Wind 15-25 north / north east with gusts up to 45 km/h. 25-27 degrees.

29/10 It's a sunny forecast from 10am to late afternoon in Lanzarote today, quite windy with 30 km/h from the north east and gusts up to 55 km/h. 26 degrees.

30/10 A sunny day for Lanzarote, expect a few cloudy intervals this afternoon. The wind is still strong 25-30 km/h from the north / north east and gusts 40-55 km/h strongest during the morning. A bit cooler 23 - 25 degrees.

31/10 An overcast day for Lanzarote at Halloween or the Víspera de Todos los Santos (Eve of All Saints), tomorrow is a fiesta, so it's the start of a long weekend for the locals. Wind from the north east 25-30 km/h & gusts up to 50 km/h. 24 degrees.

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