Lanzarote Weather March 2012

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March weather in Lanzarote

Another dry month for Lanzarote, we had a brief one day alert for strong hot winds and a calima on the 8th March which caused the temperature to rise to 28 degrees in places. Sadly the yellow alert issued later in the month for adverse sea conditions resulted in the loss of two fishermen when their boat sank off the coast of Arrecife. The month has been predominantly sunny with daytime temperatures from 20-23 degrees, the wind has been variable changing from the North East to a Westerly for the end of the month which created a thick cloud formation along the Risco de Famara.

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Below are the weather forecasts posted during the month of March:

1/3 The forecast for St David's Day if you're celebrating it in Lanzarote is sunny with 20 -25 km/h wind from the NE and 19 degrees.

2/3 Sunshine with a few clouds around this morning for Lanzarote, this afternoon is forecast to be sunny with a thin layer of high cloud. The wind is NE 20-25 km/h and top temperatures 18-20 degrees.

5/3 Could be a cloudy start in Lanzarote this morning, most areas show sunshine with a few clouds clearing to a sunny afternoon from midday onwards. The wind is NE 20-25 km/h and a top temperature of 20 degrees.

6/3 Sunshine with a few clouds today for Lanzarote, the areas of Tías (Puerto del Carmen) and Yaiza (Playa Blanca) have a thin layer of high cloud forecast. The wind is stronger at N / NE 25-30 km/h, note - strong winds are forecast for tomorrow with a yellow alert in place for wind and waves. Top temperature of 20-21 degrees.

7/3 It's a windy one today for Lanzarote, 30-35 km/h expected with gusts up to 55 km/h from the North. There is a yellow alert in place from Aemet for strong winds and seas. The sun will still be shining, all areas are showing clear and sunny with a top temperature of 20 degrees.

8/3 The forecast is showing a sunny start with some clouds around until midday and then a clear and sunny afternoon for Lanzarote. The skies are already clear in the North of the island. The wind has lessened 20-25 km/h today from the East swinging back to the North by this evening. There may be some strong gusts 30-50 km/h first thing although the yellow alert has finished. Top temperature 21-22 degrees.

9/3 It's already a gorgeous day in Lanzarote and it's nearly the weekend! Forecasted top temperatures of 20-22 degrees, with everywhere clear and sunny, yesterday reached 28 in places. Wind back to the NE generally 20 km/h but Yaiza (Playa Blanca) showing 10 km/h.

12/3 It's already sunny and clear in Lanzarote although the forecast shows the possibility of a few clouds during the day. Top temperature of 21 degrees and hardly a breeze with a changeable wind direction of 10 km/h.

13/3 Not a cloud in sight & no wind, just blue sky and sunshine is the forecast for Lanzarote today with a top temperature of 21 degrees.

14/3 Another clear & sunny day is forecast for Lanzarote although the temperature is a bit cooler at 19 degrees apart from Arrecife which is 21. The wind is 10-15 km/h from the North.

15/3 A clear morning for Lanzarote with warmer temperatures at 22 degrees and stronger winds 20-25 km/h in central and North areas from the NE and 15 km/h in the South from the East. There may be a few clouds around this afternoon.

16/3 Forecast for today is some cloud this morning, clearing this afternoon, with a high of 22. Wind of 18KMH falling to 13.

19/3 The cloudy start should clear late morning for a sunny afternoon, top temperature of 20 degrees, NE wind 25-30 km/h and a costeros yellow warning in place for strong seas in all areas of Lanzarote.

20/3 A bright and sunny start in Lanzarote, there are a few clouds around this morning but clear for this afternoon. The wind is 25-30 km/h from the North this morning changing to NE during the afternoon. Top temperature of 21 degrees.

21/3 A gorgeous day from the start in Lanzarote, clear and sunny, top temperature of 21 degrees and a NE breeze 20 km/h

22/3 Warmer today in Lanzarote with 22 degrees expected in all areas, it's an East wind at 15 km/h this morning dropping to 10 this afternoon when a thin layer of high cloud is expected to develop.

23/3 Sunshine and up to 24 degrees forecast for Lanzarote today, there are a few clouds expected, the wind has changed direction now blowing NW 20-35 km/h.

26/3 Mainly sunny but mixed forecast for Lanzarote:
Arrecife, Tías & Puerto del Carmen - sunny
San Bartolomé, Yaiza & Playa Blanca - sunny with a few clouds this morning
Teguise & Costa Teguise - sunny with a few clouds around today
Tinajo - cloudy all day
Haría - cloudy this morning, sunny with a few clouds this afternoon
The wind is 15-20 km/h from the North and top temperatures ranging from 21- 23 degrees

27/3 A sunny day with a few cloudy intervals in Lanzarote, top temperatures ranging from 22-24 degrees. The wind is 15-20 km/h this morning from the North but due to drop completely during this afternoon and evening.

28/3 The wind is howling around the North today although the forecast for Lanzarote doesn't reflect that with 15-20 km/h from the West / NW and gusts up to 40 km/h. A sunny day with some cloudy intervals for most areas although Yaiza (Playa Blanca), Tinajo and Haría are showing cloudy. Top temperature of 23 degrees.

29/3 A cloudy start with sunny intervals in Lanzarote which should clear for this afternoon and evening. The wind is from NW 15 km/h and top temperature 23 degrees.

30/3 A beautiful morning in Lanzarote which may cloud over this afternoon looking at the forecast. The wind is due to switch from the West to NW and increase from 15 - 25 km/h during the afternoon, top temp 23 degrees.


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