Lanzarote Weather: June 2016

June was generally lovely and sunny in 2016, we had a heat warning for temperatures reaching 34 degrees, much to the delight of our visitors.

Playa Blanca Lanzarote June 2016

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2/6 There's 14 hours of clear sunshine on the forecast for Lanzarote's east coast and holiday resorts today. Elsewhere the forecast is sunny with a few clouds. North wind 15-20 km/h, gusts reaching 40 km/h.26 degrees.

3/6 It's going to be another beautiful day in Lanzarote, we're expecting 14 hours of sunshine, with a north breeze 15-20 km/h and 26 degrees

6/6 Clear and sunny all day in the holiday resorts of Puerto del Carmen & Playa Blanca, there may be a few clouds around in Costa Teguise during the morning, clearing for another lovely afternoon in Lanzarote. North wind 25-30 km/h, gusts up to 50 km/h. 27 degrees.

7/6 It's another beautiful day in Lanzarote, just driving into Costa Teguise. Clear & sunny with a north wind 15-20 km/h and 27 degrees.

7/6 Properly hot here today. 32 is 90 F. And look at last nights low - 18.5!

8/6 Stunning again this morning in Lanzarote, clear and sunny with 25-30 km/h north wind and 28 degrees

22/6 The temperature is set to rise in Lanzarote on Thursday and Friday this week. Aemet have issued a yellow warning for temperatures up to 34 degrees from 12:00-20:00 on both days.

22/6 As you can see 32 high today, but even now after 8 pm it's still 23.5. And last night the lowest temperature was 19!

23/6 It's going to be a warm one in Lanzarote today. A sunny day with 15-25 km/h north east wind and a high of 34 degrees expected. There's a yellow level heat warning in place from 12.00-20.00.

24/6 Hot and hazy in Lanzarote today, a high of 34 degrees and a warm breeze 25km/h from the north.

26/6 Lovely beach day again, hot & breezy in Lanzarote, 25 degrees

27/6 The forecast is mainly sunny for Lanzarote however it was quite overcast first thing this morning. North wind 20 km/h, gusts reaching 45 km/h. 27 degrees

28/6 A few clouds around this morning in Lanzarote, clearing for a sunny afternoon. North wind 10-15 km/h and gusts up to 40 km/h. 28 degrees

30/6 Overcast start, clear & sunny by mid morning in Lanzarote. North wind 20-25 km/h and 28 degrees.