Lanzarote Weather June

It was a grey start to the month continuing on with the grey skies in the mornings clearing to warm sunny afternoons and temperatures up to 27 degrees.

Playa La GaritaMonday 13th June, those beautiful clear blue sunny mornings are back! The wind got up in the afternoon with strong gusts but had died down overnight to repeat the lovely sunrise the following day.

The middle of the month brought a yellow alert with the wind for gusts up to 75 km/h and strong waves lasting from Wednesday 15th to the weekend.

Sunday the 19th was the Lanzarote Wine run and what a warm one it was! Then followed an orange heat alert on the 20th June for a few days with temperatures higher than 37 degrees. The afternoons were hot recording temperatures into the mid 40’s in the shade. Without much of a breeze this made for some sleepless nights for those without fans or air conditioning and a worrying time for the local vineyards.

The last week of the month was back to being a bit grey, with winds 15 – 20 km/h and daytime temperatures 29 – 31 degrees. You could feel the sun but the sky wasn’t blue, it was a bit hard to tell if it was due to high cloud or a calima but it was white and warm with limited visibility to the sea and hills.

Compare to the previous year’s weather June 2010: Lanzarote Weather