Lanzarote Weather : July 2016

July can be hot and very windy in Lanzarote, we had a few typical days with heatwave and high winds warnings, mostly it was just lovely and sunny.

Playa Las Cucharas July 2016

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1/7 It's already a gorgeous day in Lanzarote, there's nothing like stretching your legs with a walk along the beach first thing. North wind 25 km/h and 27 degrees.

4/7 Cloudy morning, clearing for a sunny afternoon on the East coast of Lanzarote which includes the holiday resorts. North wind 15-20 km/h, gusts reaching 44 km/h. 27 degrees.

5/7 Mainly sunny with cloudy intervals in Lanzarote (Puerto del Carmen has a clear & sunny forecast for this afternoon). North wind 15 km/h gusts reaching 30 km/h. 28 degrees

7/7 Fairly cloudy with sunny intervals in Lanzarote. North wind 25-30 km/h, gusts >50 km/h. 28 degrees

9/7 29 degrees and a sunny forecast for Lanzarote today, north wind 15-25 km/h and gusts reaching 45 km/h.

11/7 Clear and sunny in Puerto del Carmen, sunny with cloudy intervals in Playa Blanca, cloudy with sunny intervals in Costa Teguise, north wind 30 km/h and 29 degrees in Lanzarote

12/7 There's 12 hours of sunshine on the forecast for Puerto del Carmen & Arrecife today, mainly sunny with a few clouds around in Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise. We are in the windiest month of the year and today is breezy, 30-35 km/h from the north with gusts reaching up to 66 km/h. 29 degrees


13/7 Hot and breezy in Lanzarote today. There's a yellow weather warning for gusts of wind from the north reaching 75 km/h and a high of 29 degrees

15/7 Going to be a scorcher here today. Already over 30 degrees at 10AM. Note the overnight low last night as well was 20.5, almost 70 degrees F!

16/7 Blistering here today. 36.5 in the shade in our garden. Cactus weather!

18/7 Another hot day expected in Lanzarote, clear & sunny with 15 km/h north wind. 29 degrees. The temperature is set to reach 35 ºC in Lanzarote on Wednesday. Aemet have issued a yellow weather warning for a heat wave from 12:00 to 19:00 on the 20th July.

20/7 It's already warm this morning in Lanzarote, a high of 35 degrees expected today, north wind 15 km/h

25/7 22 degrees already at dawn and not a breath of wind. It's going to be a hot one! We have a yellow weather warning for heat in place for Monday and Tuesday this week as the temperature is expected to exceed 34 degrees during the afternoons. North / north east wind forecast later 10-20 km/h.

26/7 Still very warm in Lanzarote with a yellow heat warning of 34 degrees again today. North / north east wind 10-15 km/h

27/7 Slightly cooler today in Lanzarote, the wind is back 30-35 km/h from the north and 30 degrees.

28/7 Clear and sunny in Lanzarote, 30 km/h north wind with gusts up to 50 km/h & 29 degrees