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Feliz Navidad Roundabout in Lanzarote

The month of December was drier than average, this can be the wettest month in Lanzarote but we only saw an occasional shower which might mean a wet February 2012, we’ll have to wait and see! Christmas day was warm but a bit grey, where as Boxing Day was an absolute stunner of a day with beautiful blue skies and sunshine. Unfortunately due to the disappearance of Margaret Holt we went awry with our daily forecasts when we joined in the daily searches to find her towards the end of the month. Generally through the month the weather was cool overnight and in the shade but generally sunny and warm in the afternoons especially in sheltered spots out of the wind.

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Below are the weather forecasts posted during the month of December:

1/12 The next two days are showing gorgeous sunny days for Lanzarote with temperatures reaching 24 degrees. Wind still from the East with 20km/h this morning dropping to 15 this afternoon.

2/12 Another corker of a day in Lanzarote, hard to believe it's the 2nd December. Clear and sunny with 23-25 degrees, wind 25 from the East this morning changing to North Easterly this afternoon.

5/12 A sunny start to the week for Lanzarote this morning, with some clouds forecast for this afternoon. Temperatures cooler at 21-23 degrees, a breeze from the East / North East of 15-20 km/h.

6/12 Sunshine with a few cloudy intervals for Lanzarote today, maximum temperatures range from 21-23, Arrecife is generally a degree higher than the rest of the island and defying the rumour that it's warmer in the South, Yaiza is the coolest at 21 degrees. The wind is coming from the East 15-20 km/h. It's the first of two fiesta days this week, today is Día de la Constitución Española (Day of the Spanish Constitution)

7/12 It was cool and clear overnight with a beautiful pink sunrise this morning in Lanzarote. A lovely day is forecast - sunshine with nubes altas which is thin high cloud, temperatures show 22-24 and the wind from the East 20 km/h dropping to 15 later.

8/12 It's a cloudy one in Lanzarote today, shame as it's a fiesta for La Inmaculada Concepción (Immaculate Conception). Temperatures should reach 23 degrees, the wind is still coming from the East 15-20 km/h.

9/12 It's a cloudy start in some areas of Lanzarote first thing but the sun will be out later and the wind is shifting back from the East to North East so it's looking good for the weekend (lots of sun forecast). Teguise and Yaiza are showing clear from this morning. Temperatures around 23 degrees and a changeable wind 10-25 km/h.

12/12 Sunshine with cloudy intervals for Lanzarote today, municipalities of Teguise and San Bartolomé showed dense cloud this morning clearing to a sunnier afternoon. Temperatures range from 21-23 degrees and the wind is 20 km/h from the North East this morning dropping to 15 later.

13/12 Sunshine with some cloud around this morning in Lanzarote, both municipalities of Tías and Yaiza show clear sunshine for this afternoon so head for Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca if you're working on a tan for Christmas!There is a Costeros yellow alert in place for the sea today, strong waves are expected until 8pm. Temperatures around 22-23 degrees with wind from the NE blowing at 15 km/h this morning, increasing to 20 during the afternoon and 10 this evening.

14/12 A sunny day in Lanzarote, both Yaiza (Playa Blanca) and Tías (Puerto del Carmen) are showing clear from first thing, the other areas may have a few clouds around this morning but all show a lovely sunny afternoon. Temperatures show from 21-23 degrees with Arrecife being the warmest area and a breeze from the NE 20 km/h in the morning dropping to 15 for the afternoon.

15/12 It's going to be a beautiful sunny day in Lanzarote. All areas are showing sunshine with temperatures reaching 22-23 degrees, the wind is blowing a North Easterly with 20-25 km/h and there is a yellow alert in place for strong waves. The forecast is pretty much the same for tomorrow so enjoy!

16/12 It's going to be another lovely day in Lanzarote! This photo was taken yesterday morning and the forecast is very much the same - clear and sunny with temperatures up to 23 degrees, wind from the NE 15-25 km/h. The strong waves warning is still in place for today.

19/12 A cloudy start for Lanzarote with bright intervals, there are some strong gusts of wind up to 50 km/h expected with 20-35 km/h forecast for today which should keep the clouds moving for a sunnier afternoon. Temperatures reaching a maximum of 22 degrees.

20/12 The local forecast isn't working properly today so you can have ours instead - it's warm and sunny in Lanzarote. The wind has died down to a normal 15-20 km/h from the east and we're expecting temperatures of up to 21 degrees.

21/12 Sun, sun, sun today in Lanzarote with a light breeze of 10 km/h from the North East and temperatures of 21-23 degrees.

22/12 Sunshine with some cloudy intervals in Lanzarote today, the light wind of 10km/h is still from the East changing back around to North East later. Average daytime temperature is 22 degrees and 17 overnight. Yaiza (Playa Blanca) and Tías (Puerto del Carmen) are showing clear and sunny for this morning.

23/12 Apologies to those of you not in Lanzarote but it's a beautiful day here! The sun is out and we're expecting 22 degrees with a breeze of 15 km/h from the NE.

24/12 It's Christmas Eve! A sunny forecast for Lanzarote with some cloudy intervals, temperatures 20-22 degrees and a North East wind 15-20 km/h. ¡Feliz Navidad!

26/12 A gorgeous day in Lanzarote, it's been clear overnight so a bit cool this morning but very still and sunny. Temperatures expected to reach 21 degrees with a breeze from the East 15 km/h.

27/12 Sunshine with a few cloudy intervals for Lanzarote today. The 15 km/h wind should swing round from the East back to North East later this morning, top temperature of 21 degrees.

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