Lanzarote Weather: August 2016

Lanzarote was the hottest place in Spain on the 6th August 2016, with a temperature of 42.4 degrees (108F) recorded at the airport at 1700 hours.  

Puerto Calero August 2016

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1/8 Clear and sunny in Puerto del Carmen & Playa Blanca, a few clouds around in Costa Teguise. North wind 30-35 km/h and gusts reaching 60 km/h. 30 degrees 

4/8 Sunny with 31 degrees in Lanzarote today, north east wind 10-20 km/h and gusts up to 45 km/h

5/8 It's due to be a warm one in Lanzarote today, we have a yellow level heat warning for the temperature reaching 36 degrees. East / North east wind 15-25 km/h. The heat warning has been upgraded to orange status, this is 37°C / 98.6 °F across the islands for today and tomorrow. Some places are already recording temperatures up to 44°C.

6/8 Lanzarote was the hottest place in Spain yesterday, with a temperature of 42.4 degrees (108F) recorded at the airport at 1700 hours. 

8/8 Mainly sunny in Lanzarote, the wind's really variable today, coming from all directions, although not strong up to 26 km/h. Some cloud showing on the forecast for this afternoon. 33 degrees.

9/8 Hot and fairly cloudy in Lanzarote today, we have a yellow heat warning for 34 degrees, Tías (Puerto del Carmen) is showing a maximum temperature of 36 degrees today. 5-30 km/h North East wind, gusts reaching 50 km/h.

10/8 It's been a warm & windy night, the yellow heat warning continues in Lanzarote today. A sunny day with at least 34 degrees expected, 25-30 km/h north east wind, gusts up to 60 km/h. 

11/8 Sunny and a cooler 31 degrees expected in Lanzarote today, 15-25 km/h north wind, gusts up to 40 km/h.


12/8 We're expecting another stunning day in Lanzarote, 12 hours of sunshine and 30 degrees, 10-20 km/h north wind 

15/8 Partly cloudy in the holiday resorts of Lanzarote for the national holiday of the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. North wind 20-25 km/h gusts reaching 50 km/h. 31 degrees.

16/8 White sky in Lanzarote today, very little breeze and 30 degrees.

17/8 Clear, sunny and 31 degrees in Lanzarote today with a light breeze from the north of 15-20 km/h 

18/8 Perfect summers day in Lanzarote, clear & sunny, 31 degrees and a light breeze of 10 km/h

19/8 Clear and sunny in Lanzarote, north/north east wind 15-20 km/h and 31 degrees

22/8 After a cloudy day on Sunday, Lanzarote is back to our usual clear blue sky and warm temperatures today, with very little breeze 10-20 km/h from the north. 31 degrees23/8 Another gorgeous beach day in Lanzarote, clear & sunny, 20-25 km/h wind from the north and 31 degrees.

28/8 Sunny day in Lanzarote, 15 km/h north east breeze and 31degrees. There's a Yellow heat warning for Lanzarote tomorrow, the temperature is expected to rise to 36 degrees during the afternoon

29/8 Warm and still this morning, a hot day expected in Lanzarote, especially inland, should be a bit cooler on the coast. North / northeast wind 15-25 km/h. 34 degrees 

30/8 Another warm day in Lanzarote expected, still a yellow heat warning for 34 degrees today, 35 km/h north wind, gusts reaching 58 km/h. 

31/8 Sunny and a cooler 32 degrees in Lanzarote today, 30 km/h north wind, gusts reaching 55 km/h