Lanzarote Weather: August 2015

The top temperatures were consistently in the 30´s during August in Lanzarote. We had some unusual weather for this time of year and blamed it on Dana! We couldn’t remember it raining in August before, however records show it did in 2005. We also suffered a calima with some Saharan dust obscuring our lovely blue sky for a couple of days.

August Weather Lanzarote

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3/8 Mainly sunny with some cloudy intervals in Lanzarote today, 20 km/h wind from the north, some stronger gusts up to 40 km/h during the afternoon & evening. 31 degrees.

4/8 Another great summer's day expected here in Lanzarote, a few clouds around especially this afternoon on the west coast (Tinajo & Haria) otherwise mainly sunny, 15-25 km/h north wind and 31 degrees.

5/8 Any initial cloud cover should start clearing from 10:00 for another lovely sunny day in Lanzarote, north / north east wind 20-30 km/h and gusts reaching 45 km/h, 31 degrees

6/8 It's a sunny day in Lanzarote although it's hidden by the white/yellow tinged calima sky. Unusually with a calima the wind is still north / north east 20-25 km/h. There isn't a heat alert for the island at the moment, 31 degrees expected today

7/8 The sun is trying to break through the calima in Lanzarote. Another white sky day, 33 degrees expected and variable wind N / NE / E 10-20 km/h.

10/8 Our blue sky is back, a cloudy morning expected and sunny afternoon in Lanzarote. Wind 20-35km/h from the north east & 36 degrees

11/8 A few clouds around first thing which should clear by mid morning for a sunny day in Lanzarote. Wind 15-35 km/h from the north / north east. 36 degrees

12/8 It should start feeling a bit cooler from tomorrow in Lanzarote, there's a yellow alert for high temperatures of 34 degrees until 20:00 today. Wind 25-35 km/h from the north east.

17/8 Sunny with cloudy intervals and up to a 15% chance of a shower today in Lanzarote, particularly in the South. For the best of the weather visit Puerto del Carmen & Arrecife. North wind 15-20 km/h & 31 degrees.

18/8 This is today's forecast for Lanzarote according to Aemet, there's a bit of cloud initially and in the middle of the day, but lots of clear blue sky in between. It's been raining this morning in the north and we have an overcast sky at the moment, but we're hopeful this will clear as expected. 10-15 km/h wind from the north / north east & 31 degrees.

19/8 Plenty of blue sky on the forecast for Lanzarote today. A bit of cloud around first and last thing depending on area. North east wind 10-15km/h & 31 degrees

20/8 Sunny with cloudy intervals this morning and high cloud expected this afternoon in Lanzarote. North / north east wind 15-20km/h & 31 degrees

21/8 A bit cloudy this morning in Lanzarote, which should clear for a sunny afternoon. North wind 20-25km/h with gusts reaching 40 km/h & 31 degrees.

24/8 Mainly sunny in Lanzarote, especially on the east coast in the tourist resorts. Cloudy morning in the west & north of the island, clearing for the afternoon. North / north east wind 20-25 km/h gusts up to 45 km/h & 31 degrees

25/8 There's 12 hours of solid sunshine forecast for the holiday resorts of Lanzarote today, some cloud this morning on the west coast of the island. A north wind of 15-25 km/h and gusts reaching 45 km/h. 31 degrees

26/8 Clear and sunny on the east coast, sunny with cloudy intervals on the west coast of Lanzarote. North wind 20-25 km/h, gusts reaching 45 km/h & 30 degrees

28/8 Mainly sunny today in the holiday resorts on the east coast, sunny with cloudy intervals on the west coast. Clouding over late afternoon / early evening. North wind 20-25 km/h, gusts up to 45 km/h & a high of 31 degrees

31/8 Mainly sunny in Lanzarote for the last day of August, some high cloud expected early evening. North wind 15-20 km/h & 31 degrees

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