Lanzarote Weather, August 2013

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Playa Jablillo August 2013

August didn’t disappoint regarding the level of sunshine and high temperatures. At the end of the first week a yellow alert was issued for 35 degrees which then increased to an orange alert of 38 degrees. The heat wave lasted for a week and then a storm in the Western Sahara created a calima over the island making it hot and hazy for a few days.


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2/8 Sunny with strong wind for Lanzarote today, 30-35 km/h from the north with gusts up to 60 km/h. There's a few clouds around, particularly on the west coast which could be quite overcast in Tinajo. 27 degrees.

5/8 Sunny and windy for Lanzarote today, 30-35 km/h from the north changing to north east 20-25 km/h this evening and gusts up to 60 km/h. Expect some cloudy intervals in Tinajo. 28 degrees.

6/8 Another sunny day in Lanzarote with a high of 29 degrees. Still windy 25-35 km/h from the north / north east and gusts up to 55 km/h.

7/8 Hot and breezy for Lanzarote, we're expecting around 29 degrees and clear blue skies, unless the heat wave arrives. Gusts up to 60 km/h during this morning, dropping to 40 km/h by this evening, 25-35 km/h otherwise from north / north west.

8/8 More sunshine and wind for Lanzarote. 28 degrees expected today, the breeze is predominantly from the north east 25-35 km/h with gusts up to 50 km/h.

8/8 Scorchio! Yellow alert for Lanzarote on Saturday 10th August, we're expecting the temperature to rise to 35 degrees from 10:00 - 21:00.

9/8 Enjoy the breeze and sunshine today with our normal summer temperatures, before the heat arrives and the wind drops tomorrow! 28 degrees. Wind 30 km/h from the north this morning dropping to 15 km/h by this evening.

12/8 Another warm one for Lanzarote today with very little relief from the wind which is 0-10 km/h variable direction south east & north / north west. 35 degrees.

12/8 Lanzarote has a yellow alert in place for temperatures reaching 35 degrees today between 09:00 and 21:00, tomorrow the alert increases to orange which means we are expecting the heat to rise up to 38 degrees.

13/8 The sun's rising with the promise of another beautiful day in Lanzarote. Back to a yellow alert with up to 35 degrees, rather than the predicted 38. Very light breeze of 0-15km/h variable direction north / east.

14/8 The heat is set to continue until Friday, so another day of 35 degrees for Lanzarote. A little bit more wind later today, starting at 5 km/h this morning building to 25 km/h by this evening from the north / east.

14/8 There's an orange alert for temperatures tomorrow, we're expecting 37 degrees inland & southeast, it should be a little cooler on the coast. Friday is currently a yellow alert of 35 degrees.

15/8 Another warm day in Lanzarote, we're expecting 37 degrees. The wind has picked up so it's starting to feel a bit fresher with a variable breeze 15-30 km/h from the east / north east and gusts up to 50 km/h.

16/8 It's the last day of the heat wave in Lanzarote, there should be some relief from tomorrow. For today there's a yellow temperature alert of 35 degrees, the wind will become fairly strong from midday with gusts up to 60 km/h, 15-35 km/h from the north / north east otherwise.

19/8 An overcast start to Monday for Lanzarote, the sunshine should be out in most areas by 11am with a high of 33 degrees. A light variable wind 5 - 15 km/h from north / north east / east & south east.

20/8 Hot and overcast for Lanzarote today thanks to a storm in the Western Sahara. Enjoy the sunshine if you find it this morning, this afternoon is showing a covering of thick cloud. Variable wind 10-30 km/h north west / north & north east. 32 degrees.

21/8 We can't find the sun on today's forecast for Lanzarote, hot and overcast with 32 degrees. The wind is from the north 15-30 km/h with gusts up to 55 km/h this afternoon.

22/8 Another white day in Lanzarote, it may look cloudy but this is mainly the calima rather than clouds. There's a yellow temperature alert for up to 35 degrees today. A north wind 20-30 km/h with stronger gusts this morning up to 50 km/h.

23/8 Our gorgeous blue sky is back! Still a yellow alert for temperatures reaching as high as 35 degrees today, the wind is 10-25 km/h from the north with gusts up to 40 km/h.

26/8 Sunshine for Lanzarote with a light wind from the north west 15 km/h. The forecast does show partial cloud although there's no evidence of this outside this morning. 28 degrees.

27/8 A mixed forecast for Lanzarote and quite cloudy, a good day for exploring, activities and shopping! Both Yaiza (Playa Blanca) & Teguise (Costa Teguise) show a window of sunshine from 2-5 pm other than that the sun is peeking out from behind clouds. The wind is north west this morning then changing to north from midday 15-20 km/h. 28 degrees.

28/8 Plenty of sunshine in the forecast for the resorts of Costa Teguise & Puerto del Carmen today, it might cloud over from a good start for an hour late morning but it's clear and sunny this afternoon. Playa Blanca on the other hand is cloudy and even a chance of showers late morning. The wind is 15-20 km/h from north west this morning, changing to north during the afternoon and dropping 5-10 km/h this evening. 27 degrees.

29/8 A lovely bright sunny morning in Lanzarote which sadly is due to cloud over by midday. Most areas show the sun breaking through again from 4pm. Little or no wind 0-10 km/h from the north. 28 degrees.

30/8 Quite cloudy with sunny intervals, unusually Tinajo has the best weather forecast for today (clear from 11:00 - 18:00), so head for the west coast! Wind 5-15 km/h north east. 27 degrees.

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