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We’ve changed the format of our monthly weather reports as we now post a daily forecast during the weekdays on our Facebook page LanzaroteInformation.

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Every year we forget that August tends to be hot but with cloudy starts to the day, these generally burn off by late morning for glorious afternoons. We didn’t have any heat alerts for temperatures over 30 degrees however we did have top twenties of 27- 29 degrees right through the month. We even had rain, again these light misty showers are typical of this time of year and soon pass with plenty of time for chilling on the beach in the sunshine. 


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Below are the weather forecasts posted during the month of August:

3/8 Cloudy start again today in Lanzarote, this photo was taken near Costa Tegusie this morning so there are patches of blue sky around but lots of cloud too. It should burn off for a sunny afternoon in most areas, average temperature of 28 degrees with a northerly breeze of 30km/h

4/8 The municipality of Tías is showing the best forecast today, clear and sunny with a temperature of up to 27 degrees, other areas have some cloudy intervals and a slightly higher temperature of 28 degs, wind 25-30 km/h.

5/8 There's a fine mist of rain falling in Haría and our local weather scout Sue in Puerto Calero said it looks like rain but there's non forecast from Aemet. Temperatures to reach 28-29 degrees, wind 30-35 km/h from the North and sunny with cloudy intervals apart from Teguise. The weather image above shows the forecast for areas in order Teguise, Arrecife, San Bartolomé, Tias and Yaiza. Looks like the best place is Puerto del Carmen for a clear sunny afternoon and evening for today.

6/8 I really don't want to post the weather forecast today! A cloudy and even wet start to the day with the sun breaking out on the coast this afternoon. Don't even ask about tomorrows, let's hope it improves through the day!

8/8 Nubes altas - High cloud and sunshine forecast for this afternoon, 28 degrees & wind 15-20 km/h for most areas of Lanzarote. The Teguise area is showing thick cloud all day but this could be inland rather than on the coast.

9/8 Live weather report from Puerto del Carmen this morning......It's a beautiful day! Clear and sunny already :)

10/8 Clear sunny day again, temperatures 28-29 and wind 25 km/h some scattered clouds developing this evening

11/8 Beautiful sunshine all day, slightly cooler than yesterday with 27-28 degrees forecast and wind of 25 km/h. There may be a few clouds in the Teguise municipality during the morning and evening.

12/8 Sunny day with cloudy intervals in some areas, temperatures 27 degrees, northerly breeze of 25-30 km/h

15/8 Phew! It's hot out there, seems much warmer than the forecasted 28 degrees. Great weather for the fiesta holiday, it's the day of the Asunción de la Virgen in Lanzarote today

16/8 It's already clear and warm although the sun's not up yet it soon will be. No cloudy intervals forecast for any region of the island, it's going to be another great day in Lanzarote. Temp forecast for 28/29 and wind N - NE 20-25 km/h

17/8 The forecast is a clear sunny day in all areas of Lanzarote with temperatures of 27-28 degrees and wind 25 km/h - it's a cloudy start in the North and Teguise

18/8 Teguise & San Bartolomé may have a cloudy start and finish to the day otherwise all areas in Lanzarote are showing a clear sunnny day with a temperature of 27 degrees, wind 20 km/h dropping to 15 this evening.

19/8 Cloudy start for most areas in Lanzarote today but should be a clear and sunny afternoon, temperatures higher at 29 degrees with a 15km/h breeze

20/8 Clear sunny day in Lanzarote, temperatures around 28 degrees, wind 15 km/h - enjoy, it's the weekend!

21/8 Sunshine with cloudy intervals today, if you want 100% sun then Puerto del Carmen is the place according to the forecast. Temperature slightly warmer at 29 degrees and wind stronger at 20 km/h

22/8 Cloudy start this morning in Lanzarote but blue skies and sunshine forecast from midday onwards, temperatures 28-29 degrees and wind 25 km/h

23/8 Cloudy start in Teguise, San Bartolomé & the North but clear in Arrecife, Tías and Yaiza. Temperatures 28-29 and wind NE changing to N 25-30 km/h this morning. All in all it should be a warm sunny day from midday if not before.

24/8 Lovely sunny day again in Lanzarote, some cloud around this morning especially in the Teguise area but all clear from midday onwards. The wind is changeable, increasing from 15 up to 30 km/h this afternoon before dropping to 20km/h this evening. Temperatures 28-29 degrees.

25/8 Grey and cloudy this morning in Lanzarote which should break into sunshine this afternoon. Wind 35 km/h dropping to 20 after midday. Temperature up to 29 degrees. NB The weather was so much nicer than the forecast, hot and sunny from first thing in the North and very little breeze

26/8 Sunshine with cloudy intervals for this morning and afternoon in Lanzarote with a clear evening from 6pm. Wind changing to north easterly during the afternoon and back to northerly later 20-25 km/h. Temp 28/29 degrees.

27/8 Mainly sunny with a bit of cloud around in lanzarote, wind changeable 15-20 km/h from north to north easterly and temperature around 28-29 degrees. Buen fin de semana, it's the weekend!

29/8 The forecast is showing a clear sunny start to the day with some clouds around later, we've definitely got a grey cloudy morning up in the North of the island. Temperature up to 28 degrees with a northerly wind 25 km/h in most areas.

30/8 Lanzarote's weather forecast is sunny with cloudy intervals today, some areas may be clear this morning, wind dropping from 25 to 20 km/h this afternoon with the temperature reaching around 28 degrees.

31/8 There may be a bit of cloud around this morning but definitely clear and sunny this afternoon in Lanzarote. Temperatures reaching 28-29 degrees. The wind is very slight and changeable, showing 5-15 km/h from the North this morning changing to 0-10 from the South / East from midday onwards depending upon your area.

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