Lanzarote Weather, August

During the first week of August there were some cloudy days especially inland on the North East of the island and even an occasional shower! I don’t recall rain in Lanzarote during the month of August before, the 9th of August was a white out complete with drizzle, there was low cloud and if it wasn’t for the warm temperature you would have believed it was a day during the month of January / February.

9th_August_white_out_drizzle august weather alert

The heat soon kicked in though the next day with a yellow alert for temperatures in the region of 34 degrees by Saturday the 14th some of the islands were on orange alert with temperatures into +37 degrees. The middle of the month had fairly cloudy starts again but hot sunny afternoons, coastal areas were clearer than inland. The end of August was hot, there was little breeze, people were recording temperatures over 40 degrees in the shade and up in the hills it was hotter, the beach was the place to cool off with lots of ice cold drinks.

37 degrees in Teguise

The temperature above of 37 degrees was recorded whilst driving through the old capital of Teguise on Sunday 29th August, I’ve never seen it that warm at the Sunday market before!

Compare to the previous year’s weather in August 2009: Lanzarote Weather