Lanzarote Weather: April 2016

Whilst the start of April was a bit cooler than normal, the weather warmed up nicely towards the end of the month, recording a warmer than average temperature for the whole month.

April Sunrise Lanzarote

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1/4 Quite a lot of cloud around today, brighter in some areas of Lanzarote and still a strong north wind: 25-35 km/h gusts reaching 55 km/h.
Yaiza (Playa Blanca): Sunny with cloudy intervals, showers this evening 19 degrees
Tías (Puerto del Carmen): Sunny with cloudy intervals. 18 degrees
Teguise (Costa Teguise): Cloudy morning, showers during the afternoon, some brighter spells early evening, showers later. 16 degrees
Arrecife: Cloudy with sunny intervals. 22 degrees
Tinajo: Cloudy with sunny intervals, showers this evening. 17 degrees
Haría: Cloudy. 18 degrees

5/4 Overcast with showers in Lanzarote for today, 30% chance of rain this morning, some brighter spells with 5% probability of showers in the afternoon, increasing to 30% again this evening. Wetter in the north with 50% chance of heavier rain during the morning. North wind 25-30 km/h, gusts up to 55 km/h. 23 degrees

6/4 Overcast with showers to start in Lanzarote, most areas show two sunny spells from 10-12 and again from 5-7pm. There's a yellow weather warning for strong wind with gusts from the north reaching 70 km/h. 23 degrees

7/4 Sunny with cloudy intervals in Lanzarote for today. Puerto del Carmen has the sunniest forecast of the 3 holiday resorts. North wind 30km/h. 22 degrees

8/4 10 hours of clear sunshine on the forecast for Arrecife & Puerto del Carmen today, and there's 12 hours showing for tomorrow. In Playa Blanca, it's sunny with some cloudy intervals today, clear and sunny on Saturday. Costa Teguise is cloudy with sunny intervals today, mainly clear & sunny on Saturday. Still a strong wind 35 km/h from the north and gusts up to 60 km/h. 23 degrees

11/4 Mainly sunny forecast for most areas of Lanzarote this morning, some clouds developing this afternoon. Wind from the west 10-15 km/h, 5% chance of a shower & 22 degrees.

14/4 Lovely vibrant sunrise in Lanzarote this morning. Light wind 0-12 km/h from the south, mainly sunny & 23 degrees

15/4 Our Lanzarote weather is back. We've enjoyed 3 days in a row, of dawn to dusk sunshine with a gorgeous blue sky. Light wind from the south / west at 5-15 km/h and 24 degrees.

18/4 Another lovely sunny morning in Lanzarote, the forecast shows it clouding over this afternoon with up to a 30% chance of a shower. Variable wind from southwest to northwest 20-30km/h and 25 degrees.

19/4 Overcast with showers today in Lanzarote. 75% chance of rain in Playa Blanca & Costa Teguise, 45% in Puerto del Carmen this morning. Drier this afternoon with some sunshine. Wind from the west / northwest 10-25 km/h and 24 degrees. The wind is back around from north east as of tomorrow, bringing sunny weather again.

20/4 Mainly sunny for Lanzarote today, a few clouds around and clouding over late afternoon / evening. Light wind 5-10 km/h from the northwest, changing to northeast during the day. 24 degrees

21/4 Clear and sunny this morning in Lanzarote, sunny with a few clouds this afternoon. Light east / northeast wind 5-10 km/h and 24 degrees

22/4 There's only one word needed for the weather forecast today...... Gorgeous! Not a cloud in the sky and 13 hours of sunshine on the Lanzarote forecast. A light north breeze 0-10 km/h and 24 degrees. Perfect!

25/4 Quite overcast in Lanzarote today, some sunny intervals and 5% chance of a shower this morning. North wind 15-25 km/h & 24 degrees.

27/4 Clear and sunny in Lanzarote, a few clouds from early evening. North wind 15-25 km/h & 24 degrees. It's going to be another nice day

28/4 A cloudy day forecast for Lanzarote, this arc was all we saw of the sun rising this morning. Light breeze 10-15 km/h from the north & 25 degrees

29/4 Mainly sunny with a few clouds in Lanzarote, 20 km/h wind from the north / north east & 24 degrees