Lanzarote Weather April 2012

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Wind Toy at Arrieta

The month of April has generally been nice, we’ve experienced a bit of everything including a thunderstorm and showers although not the deluge suggested by the alert issued for the 11th. There have been changeable winds, typically 20km/h per day although some were up to 35 and included gusts up to 55 km/h and the wind has blown from every direction during the month. Most days have enjoyed prolonged periods of blue sky and sunshine, there has been some cloud cover ranging from a complete whiteout to an occasional cloudy interval. The top daytime temperature has been an average of 23 degrees and  a low of 16 overnight.

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Below are the weather forecasts posted during the month of April:

2/4 It's a lovely morning in the North of Lanzarote and unusually we have the best forecast for today! The wind is NW 10-20 km/h and most areas are showing cloudy with sunny intervals apart from Haría which is sunny all day and Teguise is clear & sunny this afternoon. There is a slim (5%) chance of rain too. Top temp 22 degrees.

3/4 April showers this morning, it's only a 5% chance of rain but we've already had some in the North and South of the island. This afternoon is forecast to be clear and sunny, NW wind up to 25km/h and top temperature of 22 degrees.

4/4 Sunshine and showers for today, there's up to a 40% chance of rain this evening with a 5% risk this morning. The wind is from the NW up to 20km/h during the day, dropping and changing to 10 from the North tonight. Top temperatures range from 22-24 degrees.

5/4 It's a stunner of a day out there, no wind, blue sky, sunshine and 22 degrees - enjoy!

6/4 Sun, sun and sun with an occasional cloud is the forecast for this morning, afternoon and evening in Lanzarote. The wind is 10-15 km/h from the North and top temp 23.

9/4 What a glorious weekend of weather we've had in Lanzarote for Easter. Unfortunately it looks like a cloudy Monday for us, the wind is all over the place with a Southerly this morning, NWesterly this afternoon and Northerly tonight 5-15 km/h. Top temperature 23 degrees. The resort of Puerto del Carmen looks to be the best option if you're chasing the sun in Lanzarote today.

10/4 Sunny with a thin layer of high cloud this morning and occasional cloud this afternoon in Lanzarote. The wind is from the North East 15-25 km/h, some areas (Teguise, Arrecife & San Bartolomé) show thicker cloud later this afternoon but the resorts of Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca show sunshine all day. Top temp 24 degrees.

11/4 We're expecting rain in Lanzarote today, up to a 40% chance of a shower this morning and 55% of a heavy downpour this afternoon and evening. There is a yellow alert in place for 15mm rain per hour in Lanzarote from 12:00 - 00:00. Top temperatures 22-24 degrees and a changeable wind direction East to North and North West 15-20 km/h.

12/4 After the thunder & lightening and a few showers last night the sunshine is back for today in Lanzarote. Sunshine with a few cloudy intervals other than Puerto del Carmen which has the best forecast of no clouds this afternoon / evening. Top temp 23 degrees, the wind is NW / N up to 25 km/h.

13/4 Sunshine with a few cloudy intervals for most of Lanzarote today, it should clear completely during the afternoon for a gorgeous evening. Top temperature of 23 degrees. The wind is up to 20 km/h from North / North East.

16/4 A grey, cool and windy start for Lanzarote today. The yellow alert for the coast now also includes one for wind which is N / NE 30-35 km/h with gusts up to 65 km/h, it has also been extended to include Tuesday too. This morning is cloudy with a 5% chance of rain which should clear in most areas for a sunny afternoon with occasional cloudy intervals. Top temperature 22 degrees.

17/4 Still windy in Lanzarote with 30-35 km/h from the North East and gusts up to 55 but the yellow alert for wind and waves has been lifted. Sunshine with a few cloudy intervals and top temperature of 23 degrees.

18/4 Sunshine for Lanzarote today, Playa Blanca looks to have the best of it with a clear forecast, other areas may have a few cloudy intervals. Top temperature of 23 degrees, N / NE wind 20-25 km/h.

19/4 Sunshine with a few clouds for Lanzarote today, Teguise is showing the opposite with a cloudy day and sunny intervals. Top temp 22 degrees the wind is 15 - 25 km/h dropping to 15 from N / NE.

20/4 Mainly sunny for Lanzarote today, both Teguise and Haría have a cloudy start but will clear during the morning. Top temp of 24 degrees with a breeze of 15-20 km/h from the North / NE.

23/4 Clear and sunny on the coast of Lanzarote today, with the possibility of cloudy intervals in the hills. Stong wind 30-35 km/h from the North. Top temperature of 24 degrees. Puerto del Carmen has the best forecast if you're heading to the beach.

24/4 Much the same as yesterday for Lanzarote, clear and sunny on the coast with a few cloudy intervals in the hills. The wind is 30-35 km/h from the North, top temperatures 23-24.
There is a yellow alert in place for the sea around Lanzarote so take care with strong waves along the coast.

25/4 The wind has dropped! We can expect 10-20 km/h from the North in Lanzarote today. Still sunny although showing a few cloudy intervals apart from Puerto del Carmen this afternoon & evening and Costa Teguise this evening which are both clear. Haría and Tinajo have a cloudy forecast so head for the East coast for the sunshine. Top temperature of 22 degrees.

26/4 There may be a few clouds around this morning but essentially it's a clear and sunny day for Lanzarote with very little wind, which has swung around to the West 5-15 km/h. Top temperature 23 degrees.

27/4 We're not sure where the sun is hiding today, we're going to blame it on the changeable wind which is swinging back from the South to the North West during the day bringing up to a 55% chance of rain or in the case of Haría 85%. The sun is peeking out from behind the rain clouds on the forecast so it could be sunshine and showers. Top temp 23 degrees. We don't normally cover the forecast at the weekends so we've had a peek ahead, you'll be pleased to know the sunshine is back!

30/4 Mainly sunshine with a few cloudy intervals for Lanzarote today. The wind is 15-20 km/h from the North and top temperatures range from 22-24 degrees.