Lanzarote Walk, Uga to Conil

We fancied a walk through La Geria, the wine region of Lanzarote and decided to try the new path PR-LZ-06 that runs from Mozaga to Yaiza. We estimated that the total route was around 24km so decided to split it in half starting from Uga and finishing in Masdache, we actually finished 3km short of our destination in Conil.

PR LZ 06 Mozaga_Yaiza

We parked in the centre of Uga, close to the farmer's market shop, we turned left and picked up a signpost for PR-LZ-40 which led us up to the road that runs from Uga to San Bartolomé.

Sign PR LZ 40Path Towards Timanfaya

It was a lovely still sunny day although we had packed jackets as the weather forecast was for strong wind and rain.

Looking back to UgaSignpost PR LZ 06 Uga

As we crossed the road the signpost said the track was the PR-LZ-06 from El Tablero (Uga) to Tinasoria.

Vine FieldsTrack from Uga to Tinasoria

The black pícon track led us through vine fields with gorgeous views over towards Timanfaya.

Climbing to TinasoriaViews over the zocos

The track started climbing upwards still with vines on each side, the zoco stones changed colour from black to brown lava rock as we reached the top.

PR LZ 06 Tinasoria signpostTrack from Tinasoria to La Asomada

The cloud closed in on us at the top, we were at 415m altitude and the sign said it was 2.9km back to Uga. Had it been a clear day, the view from here down to Puerto del Carmen and Fuerteventura would have been incredible.

Looking down towards Puerto CaleroTrack from Tinasoria to La Asomada

There were a few cars coming towards us, loaded with hang gliding equipment, they weren’t going to have a good view either today! The track the cars were coming up from leads all the way down into the old town area of Puerto del Carmen, so turn off right if you want to continue in that direction.

View to La Asomada View down to the coast Puerto del Carmen

We continued along the track towards La Asomada, there were some really interesting properties along here and as we descended slightly the cloud cleared some.

La AsomadaSign PR LZ 06 La Asomada

When we arrived in the village of La Asomada we found ourselves on the main road in between the old primary school and sociedad, we thought about stopping for a coffee and toilet break but it was a fiesta day and the bar was shut. The sign told us that we have travelled 2km since Tinasoria, we set off up the road towards Vega de Tegoyo a distance of 1.5km.

Road from La Asomada to La GeriaSign PR LZ 40 in La Asomada

We weren’t that comfortable walking on the road here, there are no pavements and the traffic is light but travelling at speed. It seemed to be some time before we saw a post off to the right marked PR-LZ-40, we weren’t sure this was right but we took it to avoid walking further on the tarmac.

Track La Asomada to Vega de TegoyoVega de Tegoyo

The track skirted around the corona in the direction of Vega de Tegoyo and soon we were back on a tarmac road again. Here we were lost, the PR-LZ-40 track simply crossed the road and continued straight on towards La Geria but the village of Tegoyo was to the right.

Lovely big old property in TegoyoPaisaje protegido La Geria PR LZ 40

There was a lovely big old property on our left, at the entrance was a board detailing a walk Paisaje protegido La Geria PR LZ 40 from Tías to Uga.

2122 Conil

The weather was closing in again, we decided to walk along the road into the village of Conil, taking care at the blind bend.

P113006923 Sociedad

As we entered the village we were tempted by a sign we saw on a palm tree for Bar Casa Juan Ramón but decided to continue on to the sociedad, we were just walking up the steps when the heavens opened. Unfortunately as it was a fiesta the kitchen was closed for tapas but we were welcomed in for a cold beer whilst we waited for our lift to collect us.

Time taken: 2.5 hours

Distance: Just under 9km

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