Lanzarote Walk, Las Nieves to Guatiza

PR-LZ-16 Haría to Ermita de Las Nieves I jumped at the chance of a last minute lift on Sunday, my family were going to the Teguise Market and I had wanted to start walking the new routes Red de Senderos Turísticos y Recreativos de Lanzarote as all the signposts were now installed.

Directing them to drop me on the top of Peñas del Chache as I had seen a couple of signs there close to the Bosquecillo picnic area. I jumped out of the car with my companion Louie (the dog) at the church Ermita de Las Nieves which perches high up on the risco overlooking Famara.

I studied the map and signposts, unfortunately the details were for the walk PR-LZ-16 Haría to Ermita de Las Nieves back down to Haría but there were signs pointing towards Teguise which is the PR-LZ-01 Arrieta to Caleta de Famara path so we set off to find the Cueva Bermeja the name of which had intrigued me.

Cueva Bermeja SignRoad to Teguise

We walked down hill following the dirt road for 1.6km when the sign showed the Cueva Bermeja to the left at alt 461m – having no idea how far down this was I set off in the direction it pointed. After descending to the left I found a small track which led back in the direction towards the church, I followed it for a couple of minutes and found this set into the side of a barranco, I don’t know if this is what I was meant to find as there was no sign but I stopped looking at this point.

Signs Timanfaya backgroundCueva Bermeja

There had also been a sign pointing to Lomo de Manguía on that signpost which was down but slightly further to the right, I couldn’t find the track from where I was so I headed up again to the road. I was disappointed and wanted to get walking so I decided to follow my nose or rather Louie’s bottom as he like’s to run ahead.

Squashed Melon PathGoat pen and house

We took a dirt track off to the left, I was rather intrigued by the trail of smashed melons! I assumed that a van must have driven along the path fully loaded with the cargo bouncing out at each bump. At this point I was aiming to descend into the pretty village of Los Valles, the track took us past a goat pen and house and down to the edge of the village.

House marking path back upLos Valles

Then I thought about walking over the rise to the valley on the right, there are two ruins there which I’ve always wanted to investigate. We turned right past a couple of lovely old houses and walked to the top of the knoll past another goat pen, there in a perfect spot was a big old log where we stopped for a drink and pondered our next path.

Interesting casalog seat

There were a couple of campers in the valley with the ruins to my right, I decided to leave that for another day and headed for the coast.

View back up to Ermita Las Nievesview to the coast

We crossed the road from Teguise to Haría there was a small dirt track heading in the right direction so we took this, at the junction we turned left past the open aljibe with a crop of floating melons.

dirt path from Los VallesAljibe with floating melons

The track met the road that connects Los Valles with the village of El Mojón, knowing that the road reaches the village and comes back left, I decided to go off piste and cut over the disused fields aiming for the left hand side of the corona in front.

road from Los Valles to El MojónView to the coast


We rejoined the tarmac road as planned and walked along the land to the left hand side through this fertile sheltered valley, a lady in a traditional Canarian bonnet waved to us and a very occasional car went past.

glimpse of the seafirst view of Guatiza

We reached the brow of the hill and were rewarded with a glimpse of a sea view. As we walked around the corner this opened up to include the village of Guatiza and a beautiful panoramic scene stretching from the windmills and as far as Arrieta.

view up to the windmillsArrieta in the distance

The road we were following winds back and to down the hill, as I’d just had a phone call to say our lift was on the way we headed off piste again to the right, following the barranco down to the cemetery.

cemetery GuatizaView to Guatiza

We were still some way from the village of Guatiza, following the road past the front of the cemetery we crossed the bridge over the main Tahiche to Arrieta road and walked alongside fields.

bridge crossing main road to Arrietanearly there

Once in the village I followed the road left and then to the right, arriving at the bus stop and two bars. I met my family at the Bar El Bulín for an ice cold beer, whilst Louie opted for water. Just behind us was another signpost advising of a walk from Los Cocoteros and there were two other walkers waiting for the Arrecife bus.

signpost to Los Cocoterosice cold beer at el bulínwalkers waiting for the bus

My mission is to locate a map for these walks so that I know how far they are and I can see my progress on route. You can find more Lanzarote Walks here.

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