Lanzarote Walk GR 131

You may have already noticed the red signposts appearing in Lanzarote, if they’ve not caught your attention yet, these are to mark the 69.3 km long footpath GR 131.

GR 131 signpost La Candeleria

The creation of this new footpath in Lanzarote was announced back in June 2011. The trail spans the length of the island, starting in Órzola and finishing in Playa Blanca. Not all of the signs have been installed as yet, it’s still a bit sketchy in some areas, particularly the start and finish, but the middle section is well signed now and we’re looking forward to exploring the trail in more detail soon.


The GR 131 route is shown as the orange line on the map above which cuts through the middle of the island, starting in Órzola, passing through Máguez, Haría, Teguise, San Bartolomé, Tías, Uga, Yaiza and finishing in the resort of Playa Blanca.

The pink route marked will be the GR 135 which is a circular footpath of 182.9 km stretching around the coastline of Lanzarote.

GR is short for for Gran Recorrido which means the path is longer than 50 km and requires more than two hikes to cover, these footpath signs are red with white markings.

PR signposts

Other footpath signs around the island to look out for are the PR-LZ signposts, the PR is for Pequeño Recorrido, these footpaths are longer than 10 km and shorter than 50 km and can be hiked in one go, these signs are yellow and white. There are 10 walks available as part of the Red de Senderos Turísticos y Recreativos de Lanzarote.

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