Lanzarote is the second biggest island for holiday rental properties

After Tenerife, Lanzarote is the Canary Island with the most properties for holiday rentals.

Villa Era Playa Blanca Lanzarote

Currently there are 6,148 properties for private holiday rental in Lanzarote, these villas & apartments account for 28,065 beds and 23% of this type of accommodation within the Canary Islands.

The figures were released by Mariate Lorenzo, the minister for Tourism, Culture & Sports for the Gobierno de Canarias at a meeting with Turismo Lanzarote, the Sociedad de Promoción Exterior de Lanzarote, Centros de Arte, Cultura y Turismo and ayuntamientos of Haría, Tías & Yaiza. Members from Asolan, Aetur, Cámara de Comercio and the Asociación Canaria del Alquiler Vacacional were also present.

The top three municipalities for private holiday rentals are as you would expect:

Yaiza: Including the resort of Playa Blanca has the largest collection of holiday rentals on the island at 34.6% with 1,865 properties and 9,737 beds.

Teguise: Including the resort of Costa Teguise at 24.2% with 1,517 properties and 6,818 beds.

Tías: Including the holiday resort of Puerto del Carmen at 20.5% including 1,335 properties and 5,774 beds.


The remaining municipalities were recorded as:

Haría: 848 properties and 3.226 beds (11,4%)

Tinajo: 267 properties and 1,106 beds (3.9%)

San Bartolomé: 201 properties and 914 beds (3.2%)

Arrecife: 115 properties and 490 beds (1.7%)

Lorenzo further stressed the government’s determination to achieve the best possible consensus by holding meetings throughout the archipelago, to determine the correct economic and social solution to our tourism regulations.

The study of holiday rental homes within the Canaries also showed that the average rental price for the islands is €91.56 per night, Lanzarote’s average rental price is above the average at €106.62 per night.