Lanzarote Restaurant Review, Mucky Duck

Recently on a Friday evening I called into the Mucky Duck Bar & Restaurant in Puerto del Carmen for some food to be greeted with a brand new pie menu, additionally to their regular menu. Yes, you heard it right, a whole menu of a choice of 20 different homemade pies!  The fillings include chicken, beef, lamb, fish, haggis, Guinness... to name a few. 

Mucky Duck Facade 

They come served in a terracota dish which keeps the pie pipping hot and they are accompanied by veggies, chunky chips and the cutest little gravy boat with extra sauce.  Also you can choose from of 3 different types of lid: shortcrust, puff pastry or mash potatoes. 

Mucky Duck Salmon Pie


I ordered the Salmon and broccoli and my companion had the Lamb and mint both topped with puff pastry. When the plates arrived to the table we were shocked at the sheer size of these pies, they must have been 10 times bigger than any other pie you can get in the island. Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but they are certainly much bigger than any other pies I have ever seen. 

Mucky Duck Apple Pie


We ordered a couple of pints to wash these down with and we certainly struggled to finish the whole meal.  It took me a while to eat it all but I refused leave anything behind, it was so tasty. And although we were quite full, we decided to share a dessert. Guess what we had... apple pie! It's served with custard, of course, and as you can see, it had nothing to envy to the main meal pies in terms of size. Definitely great value for your money. 

Mucky Duck Bar Foto bingo

To top off the experience, Friday night happens to be one of the two Bingo Night at the Mucky Duck (the other one is Monday night). It's hosted by caller/funny man "JB" and there are significant cash prices so we decided to stay for it. It was such a laugh as we ended up having a bit of banter between the participating tables. It was definitely a had fun night.

Mucky Duck Terrace

The staff are helpful without being pushy and although the place was busy enough, it didn't feel cramped because it's very spacious. There is a terrace area which overlooks the street (Calle Chalana), just one street back from the Main Avenida, around the Casino area, where you can catch some sun rays (before the sun sets, obviously!) the restaurant itself and the bar. 

I for one can't wait to go back to try a different pie. 1 down, 19 to go!