Lanzarote Restaurant Review, La Bodeguita del Medio

We’d been for a walk, it was a hot summer’s day and a pint of shandy was required to quench our thirst, along with a tapa or two. We arrived in the old capital La Villa de Teguise and the shady seats outside La Bodeguita del Medio caught our fancy.

La Bodeguita del MedioLa Bodeguita del Medio tapas in teguise

Dutch owner Freddy was quick to spot us, before we knew it our ice cold drinks were on the table whilst we browsed the tapas menu. There are two options for shandy available in Lanzarote, the first is beer with 7up or Sprite which is shandy, often the locals drink beer with Fanta Lemon which is more refreshing in my opinion and called a clara.

La Bodeguita del MedioLa Bodeguita del Medio cheese in spicy oil

My friend doesn’t eat meat so we viewed the menu for vegetarian and fish options, it’s a fairly small menu but there were more than a few dishes that would have been suitable. Boquerones is one of my favourites, we also ordered tomatoes stuffed with goats cheese and cheese served in a spicy olive oil. It was very pleasant sitting in the shade on the cobbled street watching the passer’s by, before we knew it the food arrived.

La Bodeguita del Medio stuffed tomatoesLa Bodeguita del Medio boquerones

The dishes looked authentic, served in rustic terracotta pots on wooden platters, they were all really tasty but there was one clear winner. The cubes of sheep’s cheese served with black olives in a warm spicy olive oil was delicious, the cheese had oodles of flavour which absorbed the herbs and chilli oil beautifully.

The tapas dishes we enjoyed were priced from €4 to €6 as was most of the menu, we’d had good service and great food. There's also a free WIFI service available for customers.

La Bodeguita del Medio is situated in the Plaza Clavijo y Pajardo just off the main square in the centre of the town.

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