Lanzarote Restaurant Review - La Aulaga, Costa Teguise

It’s not often that we get two separate emails in the space of a week, telling us how good a new restaurant is. But Brenda, and John and Dawn took the the time to do so.

La Aulaga 1  La Aulaga - Vino

La Aulaga is set slightly back from Playa Bastian, but facing the sea and with a fabulous view. We were greeted by Simone, our waitress, who served us a small, chilled apertif, and then Miguel the owner arrived at our table. To say he is enthusiastic about his restaurant and the food is an understatement.

I’m going to digress for a moment, but when I first came to the island, I would often say at a new tapas restaurant: “Can you do us a selection of 4 or 5 of your best dishes please?” And it always resulted in a blank look and the question: “What do you want?” So I gave up.

But Miguel suggested exactly that to us - “Let me serve you a selection of food, trust me, you’ll enjoy it!” And we did!

Here’s what we had:

Fish croquettes with a delightful smooth filling

Local goats cheese cooked on the grill with a dark fruit sauce

Slightly spiced meatballs in a savoury white sauce, with a swirl of a fruity red sauce

A pasta parcel with a truffle and spice filling

A spicy warm prawn dish with banana and pineapple

A pasta salad with fruit and more prawns

La Aulaga - Albondigas  La Aulaga - croquettes

All the dishes were different, full of perfectly balanced flavour and just bursting with the freshness of the ingredients. Our favourite was the spicy prawn dish, which was simply world class.

La Aulaga - Ensalada  La Aulaga - Pasta

Miguel talked about his philosophy, which is to use whatever ingredients he can find each day, and combine them to make the very best his team can. Unusually, but to the benefit of flavour, almost every dish provides some surprise and delight by using local fruit.

La Aulaga - Queso Frito  La Aulaga - pasta truffles

With so many restaurants in Lanzarote adopting an almost “standard” menu, it was a joy to find somewhere so different. We were introduced to Chano, the chef, whilst we were there, and like everyone else at La Aulaga, he was happy to chat and appreciated our compliments.

The menu board outside was a little confusing, showing a selection of standard menus, but once inside we were presented with something more familiar. La Aulaga isn’t a budget restaurant, but neither is it priced at the “treat only” end of the spectrum. The quality is amongst the best on the island, but still manages to offer good value for your Euros.

La Auluga - Degustation de postres

As you can see from the photos, presentation is important, and each dish was served on the right plates to show off the detail perfectly.

After the meal we were brought some “tasting” or “degustacion” spoons so we could try some of the desserts, which were also delicious. Miguel told us that they can create up to 20 different dishes for these tastings, so everyone can try their full range of flavours. The team are also happy to create dishes for regular clients, and recently cooked lamb in six different ways for one family.

We highly recommend a visit, and let Miguel know we sent you!

La Aulaga is at Edificio Alborada, Calle La Rosa 2 in Costa Teguise, and you can call 928 346 791 to book.

Note: We never identify ourselves as coming from Lanzarote Information before eating at a restaurant in case it influences anything they do. Our reviews are genuinely based on our findings. If there are places you would recommend to friends, please let us know and we’ll try them out.

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Please note that we revisited this restaurant in 2016, now known as Casa Félix and run by a husband and wife team, Félix and Teresa, who are still offering fabulous tapas in Costa Teguise.

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