Lanzarote Restaurant Review, Cevicheria La Esquina Maria

It was thanks to our foodie friends Benn & Zoe that we discovered the Cevicheria La Esquina Maria in Famara.

Cevicheria La Esquina Maria

This Peruvian cafe bar is situated on the seafront row of properties in the village of Caleta de Famara, whilst El Risco and Sol in the same line face out to sea, this establishment faces inwards. There’s something very relaxing about sitting at a table feeling the sand beneath your toes, plus you can’t beat the laid back atmosphere in Famara.

Pisco SourCevicheria al estilo Peruano

It was Sunday lunch so we ordered a Pisco Sour cocktail whilst we browsed the menu. This was our first taste of Peruvian food and we didn’t recognise the dishes, luckily there was a picture menu and our waiter was extremely friendly and helpful.

Cerviche GambonJalea Mixta

We decided to order a Ceviche Gambón and the Jalea Mixta to share between us.

Ceviche is a dish made from raw fish which is cured in citrus juices, we ordered the king prawn version which was served in a large lettuce leaf with chilli and red onion. The waiter had asked how spicy we wanted the dish, so don’t worry if you don’t like it hot! Other versions of this included sea bass, grouper and mushroom as a vegetarian option. We enjoyed this chilled dish, there was plenty of firm king prawn pieces included, which were nicely spiced.

Jalea Mixta was described as fried fish & seafood with onion, cassava, sweet potato, chilli peppers and banana. This was our favourite dish out of the two, the cubes of fish, squid rings and langoustine had been lightly floured and fried. The sides were interesting and included yuca, banana, sweet potato, beans and toasted corn which was delicious.


Sadly we can’t compare how authentic the dishes were, it is as it’s our first time eating Peruvian gastronomy. Other dishes included crispy octopus slices which sounded intriguing, Parihuela & Arroz Chaufa  (both of these dishes include seafood & rice), Arroz Tapao (beef with rice) and Escabeche de Pollo (chicken with rice).

Price wise, the ceviches were available in a half or full portion ranging in price from €7-€18 and the platos de la casa menu ranged from €4-€18. Our lunch which included the cocktails, 2 small beers, 2 main dishes, water, 1 coffee and a dessert came to €54. So the Cevicheria La Esquina Maria isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely different and worthy of a visit.