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Canarian Mojo Sauces

Sardine Tapas

A great little starter or nibble with drinks

Take a tin or two of sardines in tomato sauce and put in a saucepan. Add two crushed cloves of garlic per tin, a pinch of salt and black pepper and a good knob of butter. Now mash the whole lot with a fork whilst gently heating. Serve warm on French toasts or crackers.

Canarian Spuds

Can be served with any dish, but works well with the Canarian Stew

Use 500g of sea salt to one litre of water - it looks a lot but this is correct! Wash the spuds and boil in the salty water in their skins for 40 minutes. Drain and serve with Mojo sauce.

Canarian Stew

A hearty dish, can be spcied up with some chilli

To serve four you need 750 grs of steak, chopped into chunks. Brown the meat in a large pan with a good glug of olive oil at high heat. Once brown set the steak to one side. Now slice two onions, four cloves of garlic and a whole chorizo sausage. Cook in the olive oil at medium heat. Once the onions are transparent, add three teaspoons of paprika, a couple of strands of saffron, four table spoons of tomato puree and salt and black pepper to taste. Mix well to incorporate the ingredients, then add the meat again. Add enough water to cover the stew, put a lid on and simmer for at least a couple of hours, stirring occasionally. If you need to reduce the liquid to serve, simply take the lid off for the last half hour.


Gambas al Aljillo

Wonderful combo of prawns and loads of garlic

These are the famous prawns in garlic, served in the small terracotta dishes. Put your terracotta dish into the over on a high heat - it's important that it gets really, really hot! Peel fresh prawns and set aside. Slice three cloves of garlic, and get a couple of whole red chilles ready - Birdseye are ideal. Put a liberal quantity of olive oil into a frying pan and heat until almost smoking hot. Add the chillies and the garlic to fry for a few seconds, then transfer all the oil to your hot terracotta dish. Drop the prawns into the dish and serve - by the time you get to the table the prawns will have cooked in the very hot oil. Serve with crusty bread.

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Recipe for pealla and spanish omelette

hello, I live in Florida and have very fond memories of my time spent in Lanzarote.
Can you send me a recipe for your delicious spanish omelette which we ate all the time. I would also like a original paelle recipe.
Thank you and have a great day
Kind Regards

Spanish Omelette

Hola Gwen,

Thanks for your comment, the Spanish Omelette (tortilla) recipe is on the site, just follow this link:

We haven't published the paella recipe as yet but I'll post one in the next week - please let me know if you make them and if they taste as you remember!

We loved our holiday in Florida about 10 years ago, we toured from Orlando down to Miami, Key West and back up to Naples and St Pete's.

Best wishes from the opposite side of the Atlantic ocean!



Where did the recipe for the paella end up going? I am such a fan of paella, and it would be amazing to be able to create that at home.

Paella Recipe

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