Lanzarote Questions June 2017

Casitas del Mar outside 0

Each month we put together some of the many questions we are asked via social media or email, and share the answers with everyone. Here are the interesting ones we were asked in June 2017:

What Does The Name Punta Mujeres Mean?

It literally means “Women’s point.” That’s because it’s the point where the ladies used to wait to catch site of their fishermen husband’s boats, returning with the catch. Punta Mujeres sort of “sticks out” from the island, so it gives a great all round view.

What Are The Laws About Child Seats There?

Children under 18KG in weight should use a proper child seat. Those over 18KG and under 135 CM tall must right in the back and be on a booster seat.

Can I Take A Hire Car To Papagayo?

It depends who you hire with. All of the car hire companies here have an insurance exclusion that prohibits the cars from being taken off tarmac roads. It’s common sense, as off roading here can be quite dangerous. Having said that, some unscrupulous car hire companies (Orlando is an example) are using this to their advantage by getting someone to take photos of their cars at Papagayo and then “fining” their clients for breaking the rules. The decent car hire companies here have always turned a blind eye, and as long as the car isn't damaged driving down there, they don’t have a problem. 

Is There A Tourist Tax There?

No. The Balearic Islands have introduced a tourist tax, which you have to pay locally. The charge ranges from 50 cents to €2 per person, per night. It’s a fairly common thing in several countries, including the United States, Germany, Italy, Croatia and Portugal. There is no plan currently to introduce a tourist tax here in The Canaries.

Can We Visit Hotels And Enjoy Their Entertainment If We Are Staying Self Catering?

You’ll have to check with the hotels. Obviously those that are mainly all inclusive may not even have the facility for you to purchase drinks. The hotels lay on free entertainment for their guests and do so to keep them returning, so they may not be open to people wandering in to enjoy the shows, even if you are buying drinks.

Should I Tip People There?

Yes, if the service is good, it’s normal to tip the staff. We generally add 10% for good service up to 15% for excellent service. Unlike the United States, for example, waiting staff aren’t heavily reliant on tips, so if the service is mediocre or poor, don’t feel you have to. A few establishments add a service charge (We don’t like that either!) so if you see that on your bill, we wouldn’t add a tip.

What’s The Exchange Rate There?

We’ve answered this often, but it’s worth repeating. The little shops that exchange money here generally offer a rate about 2 cents below the “official” rate, which you can Google. For example, I just Google’d “Pound versus Euro" and the rate shown was €1.13. Sure enough, when I checked in resort yesterday, they were offering €1.11.