Lanzarote Occupancy 2010

Since the year end, there has been a series of press releases regarding the occupancy of Lanzarote during 2010.  Playa Dorada Playa Blanca took the top spot as the most popular resort, despite the closure of Playa Flamingo and the islands official occupancy was 69.42%.


Asolan stated that occupancy rose by 4% during 2010 with an average of 69.42% occupancy.

Previous years were 65.01% (2009), 72.96% (2008) and 74.48% (2007). Their statistics show that May and June 2010 were quieter months with 56.35% and 61.6% occupancy. They did mention the effect of the air traffic controllers strike in December and the chaos that followed would have affected the overall figures for the year. A spokesperson said that these were good indicators that occupancy is increasing month after month since the economic crisis and the terrible year of 2009.

The figures analysed by type of occupation show that bungalows were the most preferable with 69.21%, followed by apartments 64.92%, aparthotels 63.33% and four star hotels 61.22%. Five star hotels were significantly affected by the strike and finished the year with 47%.

Centro de Datos

The Cabildo’s Centro de Datos released information on which resort was most popular.

Playa Blanca was most in demand with an occupation average of over 72%. The second most popular resort during 2010 was Costa Teguise with an average of 70.5% and least favourite surprisingly was Puerto del Carmen at 68%.

It was the demand for beds in four and five star hotels that drove Playa Blanca to the top spot, this is the resort with predominantly this level of hotels. Puerto del Carmen was affected by the public works during 2010 and the best part of 2009. Costa Teguise has sustained their position due to the best pricing policy adapted by the majority of the complexes.

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