Lanzarote News In Brief - Week27, 2017

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Final Approval For Dive Station At Playa Chica

The Costas department has finally given approval to the new scuba diving station at Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen, having investigated a complaint about the project made by an individual. The new station will give changing and showering facilities to some of the 10,000 divers a year who use the site.

“Activate The Crater” Wins Playa Honda Park Concept

San Bartolomé Ayuntamiento invited entrants in a competition to design a new park area on the land that runs alongside the airport runway. The winning entry was a concept called Activate the Crater by Iván Torres Ramón and Martín Toimil Mato. The former is a landscape architect and the latter an agricultural engineer. Work should start soon.

Paseo Las Cucharas To Be Reformed

The promenade around Las Cuhcaras beach is to have more money spent on it. In a new €1.6 Million project, the area will be re landscaped with picnic areas and children’s play areas with the aim of turning it into a leisure area for tourists and residents.

Court Orders That Bodega Stratvs Can Re-Open

While the trial of the people accused of the illegal build and opening licence for the bodega continues, the provincial court has ruled that it can be re-opened. The ruling is not related to the legality of the building, only to the fact that it was closed as a “precautionary measure” because of drainage issues. In the courts ruling, they stated that the closure notice, which was in place for four years, should now be lifted.

Police Seek Three Men After Rancho Texas Assualt

Three men broke into Rancho Texas last Sunday evening and assaulted a member of staff. The men, who were filmed on CCTV at the park entered the dolphinarium area before they were spotted. They were hooded and wearing T Shirts sporting  “Free Sven and Natasha.” The shirts refer to a couple in jail in Amsterdam, having been arrested for blackmailing an animal testing laboratory.