Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 26, 2017


Increase in accidents partly attributable to mobile phone use

A report appeared in Lancelot Digital this week seeking to find the cause of the increase on road accidents on the island. In 2016, there were 336 accidents, up substantially on the previous year’s 268. 139 people were slightly injured, 21 seriously and 10 people lost their lives. One of the contributory factors is thought to be use of cellphones, not necessarily to make calls, but often to update social media.

Body of a whale washed ashore

A 15 metre sperm whale’s body was washed ashore at Costa Teguise this week. The 18 tonne whale was though to have died a few hours earlier, and it was towed to Arrecife where it will be examined to establish the cause of death.

Tias refuses windmills

Tias Ayuntamiento is refusing to allow the installation of two wind turbines in the municipality. The turbines were due to be installed in Los Topes, between Puerto del Carmen and Tias and in Macher. The council has informed The Cabildo that the areas chosen are not suitable as the land is classified as rural and should only be used for agricultural purposes.

Life saving stations set up

Emerlan, supported by Club La Santa has installed 25 life saving stations on the coastal villages of Haria, in rocky areas that are difficult to access. The stations are equipped with large life preserver rings attached to ropes.

New filtration system installed at Jardin de Cactus

The pond in the cactus gardens, well known for it’s lilies and coy fish, has been emptied, cleaned and fitted with a new filtration system. The fish and plants were stored in an adjacent pond and will be returned to their home.

Import duty exemption rate increased to €150

Effective 29th June the threshold for having to pay import duty on goods coming into The Canaries was increased from €22 to €150. Good ordered online, which are worth less than €150 should no longer have import duty or a customs clearance charge added.

Residents travel discounts increased to 75%

As of 28th June, the Canary Islands resident discount on travel between the islands and to the mainland has been increased to 75% from the previous 50%. The discount applies to ferry crossings and flights.

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