Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 24, 2017

Hotel Lancelot 2

Remodelling Of Avenida Continues

Tias Ayuntamiento has announced plans to continue the remodelling of Puerto del Carmen’s famous “Strip." Specifically, they will be carrying out works in the section around the San Antonio Hotel, to join up with the main avenida and the section around Playa Los Pocillos, adding a bike lane and with the intention of increasing parking in that area. Mayor Pancho Hernandez is aware that the previous work reduced parking in the avenida by some 300 spaces, so an attempt will be made to increase spaces in the new section, but staying true to the general aim of reducing traffic on the strip.

Light At The End Of The Fermina Tunnel?

Fermina is the little “island" off Play El Reducto in Arrecife, near the Gran Hotel. It was originally built as a swimming pool and leisure centre, then fell into disrepair due to planning issues. Over the years, there have been various projects to resurrect it as a leisure centre and most recently a huge aquarium, but each idea failed to materialise. The latest initiative by The Cabildo has funding of €700,00 from The Canarian Government, but what they are going to do there isn’t very clear. I can’t cut through the airy fairy language: "to realize a project that seeks to rescue this emblematic space for the use and enjoyment of all citizens." And "Fermina will be a space open to the resident and tourist who seeks to take advantage of the wealth of the Arrecife Marina and the undeniable influence of César Manrique to boost the economic and professional fabric of the island." Once I find out what they are actually going to do, I’ll update you.

Not A Speed Camera On Airport To Puerto del Carmen Road

Many readers have asked about a device placed on the road between the airport and Puerto del Carmen, asking if it is a new speed camera. It isn’t! It’s a device to measure traffic flow and it will be moved to various parts of the island over the next few months.

Costa Teguise Bandstand Music Stopped

Live music from the bandstand in Costa Teguise has been stopped temporarily, causing some angst for musicians and tourists who enjoy the free entertainment. The Ayuntamiento de Teguise have told us that there are planing and paperwork issues that need to be resolved and that they are working hard to expedite them so that music can restart.

New Cabildo Funding Announced

As part of an Island strategy plan taking us to the year 2025, a new multi million Euro funding round has been announced by The Cabildo for various projects, which include a new care home for the elderly, an Olympic size swimming pool in Arrecife and various financial awards to ayuntamientos to assist with their own projects.

British Man Arrested At Lanzarote Airport

A 32 year old British man was arrested as he arrived at Lanzarote Airport. He is wanted in connection with theft in The Balearic Islands. He was detained and a court will decide the next steps.

Property Prices In Resorts On The Move

Tinsa, the body that does most valuations for mortgages on the island, has reported a significant increase in valuations for properties in the municipality of Tias. So far this year valuations in Tias, which includes Puerto del Carmen, have increased around 7%. Properties in Teguise, including Costa Teguise, increased in valuations by 2.6% in the same period, and those in Arrecife showed a decrease of 6.4%.

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