Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 16, 2017

Aidablu  MSC Armonia in Lanzarote

Fibre Optic In Tias

In the first phase of deployment of fibre optic cables in Tias, around 11,500 homes in the municipality will have access to high speed internet. Work will start on installing the new cables in June, and Telefonica will be investing around €1.5 Million. The service will give download speeds of around 300MBPS.

Lanzarote Second In League Table

Lanzarote came second to Fuerteventura in a slightly strange league table - the highest number of visitors per 100 residents. In 2016 we had 2097 visitors to the island per hundred visitors, while Fuerteventura, with a much smaller population, had 2217. 

ASCAV Say Long Term Rental Shortage Not Connected With Holiday Letting

A press release from ASCAV sought to dispel the belief that Lanzarote’s residential rental shortage is connected with an increase in holiday home letting. It shows that housing stock in The Canaries has increased by less than 1% since 2008, while the population has increased by over 13%. In Lanzarote’s case, the population has increased by over 20% exacerbating the problem. They go on to point out that there hasn’t been an official housing plan for the islands since 2012, and that young people cannot buy properties currently as the banks are insisting on at least a 20% deposit to obtain a mortgage.

Lanzarote Cruises To The Med

Costa Cruceros and Viajes Molina has started a new cruise service which sets off from Arrecife. There will be 10 departures this year, taking in ports such as Malaga, Madeira and Rome. The first cruise set off with 800 passengers, 25% of whom flew in from Gran Canaria and La Palma to join the ship.

Funding For New Air Routes

The Canarian government has announced a budget of up to €3.7 Million as incentives to airlines who will commit to run new routes for at least two years from a number of cities. Included in the list is a Tenerife to New York, La Palma to Dublin and Gran Canaria to Venice. The two proposed Lanzarote routes are to Bratislava and Porto.

Puerto del Carmen Waterpark 

Companies are being asked to tender to run the floating waterpark in Puerto del Carmen for the next three years. The park has been a great success since it was first put in place in 2015. The successful service provider will pay an annual fee of just under €25,000 and the price for users will be fixed at €5 for an hour.