Lanzarote News In Brief, Week 10, 2017


Tourism Department Seeking to curb “Fake sickness" claims from British tourists

The tourism department met with the hoteliers association ASOLAN and the confederation of employers if Lanzarote this week to discuss the issue to “Fake sickness claims" made by British tourists, which are having an impact on hotel’s costs. It has previously been reported that agents, acting for “No win, no fee" organisations in the UK have targeted tourists to seek compensation after returning from holiday on the island for various sickness bugs. A Tourist Attention Minister will be appointed, supported by Guardia Civil investigators to look at future claims. It’s an issue which affects all of Spain, not just The Canary Islands, and the tourism department are seeking talks with the British government to try to find a solution-

Healthcare Update

The minister of health recently updated The Cabildo on healthcare on the island. There are now 315 healthcare professionals working on the island, with another 200 non medical staff supporting them. All of the islands health centres are now computerised and have medical records going back to 2003 for patients. The island has six ambulances, and one advanced care ambulance - they attended almost 17,000 incidents last year. There are plans to add another to the fleet to be based in Playa Blanca.

Study to see if footpath can be extended to cover all the islands

A study is taking place to see if it’s possible to extend the GR131 footpath, to cover all 7 Canary Islands from La Graciosa in the north to El Hierro in the south. This will enable walkers to enjoy all seven islands.

Cheese Fair a huge success

The annual cheese fair in Playa Blanca last week was a big success. A total of 29,000 tastings were served to thousands of visitors by the 30 exhibitors. The event is run under the auspices of Saborea Lanzarote, who have done a great deal of work in recent years to promote Lanzarote’s wine and gastronomy.

Cabildo responds to criticism of speed cameras

Following complaints from various groups about the “ugly" speed cameras placed in the national park area to keep speeds down, The Cabildo has reacted to say they will be disguised to better blend in with the landscape and will be fitted with solar panels so that cabling can be removed.

Prison and a large fine for Cash and Carry boss

The marketing director of Cash and Carry Lanzarote has been imprisoned for 15 months, fined €3240 and ordered to pay €7,400 compensation after the company used a copyrighted image, created for Arrecife Carnival, for an advertising pamphlet.

Race organiser fined €15,000

Ignacio Laynez, a cardiologist from a hospital in Tenerife, has been fined €15,000 for organising a running race without permission or a licence on the island of La Graciosa in December 2015. The event was promoted via Facebook and around 100 people took part in the 5KM race. Laynez pointed out to the court that money did not change hands, and that the event had run for the previous 8 years. He also told the court that he was a regular visitor to the island, and would never do anything to damage the environment. Despite that, the court imposed the maximum fine, following a report from a national park ranger

Plan for new park in Playa Honda

San Bartolomé ayuntamiento are beginning a consultation process, considering suggestions for the layout and amenities for a new park planned on waste ground between the airport and Playa Honda. The 50,000 M2 strip of land will provide a green area for the town’s inhabitants, as well as the first site of the island for many people landing at the airport. A competition, with cash prizes, will be run, and the best ideas used. Funding to the tune of €2.5 Million is coming from the EU.

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