Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 1, 2017

Haria Ayuntamiento Investing In The Palms


Haria is know as the valley of a thousand palms, and the ayuntamiento has now taken on a team to trim and look after the trees in the valley. All the trees are being trimmed, and the leaves collected and given to local farmers, So far 220 trees have been trimmed, and the objective is to reach 1000 by the end of March. The cost is expected to be around €50,000.

Immigrants Arrested


Two pateras (small boats) came ashore at Famara this week. Police were quickly on the scene and arrested thirteen people, and confiscated 75 Kilos of hashish, sealed in drums. Passports found on the arrested people suggest they came from Morocco. 

Bodega Stratvs Re-Opening

Bodega Stratvs Christmas 2013

Boedga Stravs, which has been closed for three years, will re-open within the next few weeks. The provincial court in Las Palmas has lifted the "precautionary closure” that was imposed by the court in Arrecife in 2013. The outstanding cases against the company and various individuals associated with it will continue, but the court ruling means that Stravs can start trading again in the meantime.

Snake Found In Costa Teguise


Police were called when a couple in Costa Teguise spotted a Boa Contstrictor of about 1.7 metres length. It’s thought the snake is an abandoned pet. Rancho Texas has agreed to take the snake on, and staff from there collected it. They stressed it posed no danger to the public.

Radar Speed Traps In Costa Teguise


Police have been running campaign using radar to catch speeding motorists since before Christmas. During the first ten days of the campaign, 100 drivers were stopped for speeding, but simply warned about watching their speed. From now, motorists caught speeding will be fined. Several of the resorts residential roads will now be subject to speed traps. 

Tias Looks To The Future After 50 Years Of Tourism


Tias Ayuntamiento are planning to accelerate the modernisation of the resort of Puerto del Carmen, while celebrating 50 years since tourism first started in 1966.. Two new five star hotels are scheduled to open during 2017 - the Fariones and a new one in Matagorda, and the work to modernise public areas and pavements will carry on at a pace throughout the year.