Lanzarote, A Magical Island

Corona lava rock & sea Lancelot was the original name for the island of Lanzarote and this fact gives hint of the magical wonders to be found here.

Lanzarote definitely has a spirit, here you can connect to the wonders of Mother Nature with the heat of the volcano, the strength of the trade winds, the pureness of the light and the power of the surf. Many visitors experience the feeling of well being and lots have vivid dreams which we have previously explored the connection with local ley lines. Lanzarote brings out  our artistic tendencies, making it a popular destination for photographers, painters, sculptors, designers and writers.

Thanks to our local artist César Manrique who felt the same about Lanzarote, he left us a legacy of places to visit where you can experience the natural beauty and positive energy of the island. For the element of fire you should visit Timanfaya National Park, here you can feel the heat from the volcano below in the earth, for water visit the Jameos del Agua where you will find the mysterious waters in the natural lagoon with the unique species of white crab, the movement of wind can be seen all around us from the traditional windmills to Manrique’s wind toys the most famous of which is Fobos at Tahiche.

Ruinas de PechigueraOff the Southern coast of Lanzarote, in the bocaina straits that separate this island from Fuerteventura, ruins have been found submerged under the water. A team of divers from Italy filmed this area in 1981 and their work was published in the magazine Mondo Sommerso, they found platforms, steps, walls and corridors, the area was so interesting that a Spanish expedition was organised. The findings from the two teams were mixed, the boldest of the Italians believed that the discovery could be linked to the missing city of Atlantis and the Spanish team said the shapes had been formed naturally.

Flying witch Did you know that both Haría and Maguez have the outline of a witch (bruja) flying on a broomstick with their street lights at night? Even more strange is that if you descend the road from the top of the Mirador de Haría the witch is facing right to left, when you reach approximately halfway down the descent the witch turns direction to face left to right!! In Spain it is considered good luck to have a bruja in your house.

UFO_Tim_McGrawLanzarote is well known for UFO sightings, just Google ‘Lanzarote UFO sightings’ and you’ll get a range of descriptions and photos! Montaña Roja in Playa Blanca was popular with UFO sightings in the early 1980’s. The biggest official incident took place on the 22nd June 1976. There was a sighting of a UFO recorded over the Canary Islands and the event lasted over 40 minutes and was witnessed by hundreds of people (including military) over different islands. There was an official report made of the incident.

Tim McGraw was on holiday in Lanzarote during June 2004 and took this picture (left) of the view to Fuerteventura but noticed when he looked back through his photographs a strange shape was moving across the sky. He hadn’t seen it at the time, only when he viewed his photos later.

Have you had any mystical or strange experiences in Lanzarote?

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