Lanzarote FAQ's

We love answering your questions on social media, on our website and via your emails. But it can take some time every day to do so!


To save us a little, we’ve put together this list of the questions we are asked most often, and we’ll add to it as more come up. If we’ve sent you a link to this page, it means the question you’ve asked is answered below. And remember, we have more than 6,000 articles on the website, so just use the search box at the top of every page if you want to find pretty much anything out about Lanzarote!

We’re coming to Lanzarote on <insert your dates>, what will the weather be like?

If you’re coming over in the next two weeks, all our weather forecasts are here:  Lanzarote Weather

If your visit is more than two weeks away, you’re unlikely to be able to get an accurate forecast.

However, what you CAN do is see what the weather has been like here for your dates and for the last four years. We post the ACTUAL weather here every month, so it will give you a great idea about likely temperatures and if it might rain. Just go to the search box top right and type in “Weather July” (or for whatever your month is) and you get last years weather for that month, and links to the previous 3 years.

We’re coming to Lanzarote on <insert your dates>. What’s happening on the island? What should we do?

We don’t keep any information to ourselves, so everything we know about is posted to the website. But here’s what you can do:

1/ Click "What's on" in our menu and you'll be able to select the "What's on" article for your month. We do one for each month and gradually add to them as we find out more.

2/ Start at our front page and go back through the last few days of posts, just click to read more about an event that interests you.

3/ To see a list of excursions you can do on the island click here and you can fill in the form and we’ll put you in touch with the operators.

What’s the exchange rate there at the moment?

We have a page which gives you up to date information: Lanzarote Exchange Rate

Which markets are on while I’m there?

Here’s a complete list: Lanzarote Markets

How do I go about getting a job in Lanzarote?

We wrote about that here: Jobs in Lanzarote and you should also consider getting a copy of our Guide to Relocating to Lanzarote.

How much is a taxi from the airport to <insert your resort>?

You can see all the prices at the Taxi Company website, but as a rule of thumb it’s about €19 to Puerto del Carmen, €24 to Costa Teguise and €45 to Playa Blanca. If you are paying for transfers, especially to Playa Blanca, it’s often cheaper to hire a car from airport to airport.

Do I need to pre book taxis from the airport?

No. There are always taxis there to meet flights. At really busy times, you may have to wait a few minutes.


Where can I find out about bus times and fares?

On the bus company website, which is in English: Lanzarote Bus

Where should I shop for my self catering holiday?

You can use the small resort supermarkets, but they are expensive. Your best bet is to do a “big shop” at one of the larger supermarkets in Arrecife, Playa Honda, Macher or Playa Blanca.

What restaurants are good?

Always tough to answer as it depends on your taste! But we have a restaurant guide. We also regularly visit restaurants on the island and write reviews, so search on the website for “Lanzarote restaurant review” and scroll through them all to see what we think.

We’ll keep adding to this list over time, but if your question isn’t answered above, feel free to let us know!