Lanzarote Dreams, Ley Lines & Atlantis

Map of Lanzarote

Have you had any vivid and colourful dreams whilst staying in Lanzarote? Quite often when we have friends or family staying on the island they remark on having unusual dreams that they can remember and with lots of colour, which would be out of the ordinary when at home in the UK. I can't find much information about why this might be, is it due to the lava and volcanic history or is Lanzarote on a ley line?

I recently read an article that said the Canary Islands were a minor vortice, a vortice is defined as a high energy spot and is believed to have a magnetic field. It was stated by Edgar Cayce that during Atlantean times crystals were used to balance the ley lines of the Earth's plane, an inmbalance caused the Earth to move and this was the reason for the destruction of Atlantis - thought to have been situated between the Canary Islands and Cape Verde!

Please let me have some comments on this topic. Have you had dreams? Do you know more about why you would dream in Lanzarote?

Lost City of Atlantis?

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Map of Lanzarote