Lanzarote Directions - Airport to Puerto del Carmen

Arrecife Airport T1 Car ParkArrecife Airport Car Park T1 Ticket Office

From the Terminal 1 top floor car park at Arrecife Airport in Lanzarote, make sure that your car park ticket is validated and paid before driving to the barrier. Approach the barrier slowly so that the car registration number can be read, then insert your ticket into the machine and the barrier will lift to allow you to exit.

First sign exit car parkSecond sign exit T 1

Look to your right to make sure both lanes of traffic are free before exiting and as you go around the first corner move to the right hand lane for Arrecife / Yaiza/ T2, continue on this road staying in the right hand lane, the next sign is Todas Direcciones / T2. The road then splits left or right, you want the right hand lane marked Ciudad / T2 which will take you to a roundabout for Terminal 2.

Ciudad T 2Sign Pto del Carmen Yaiza Arrecife

Stay in the outside lane, ignore the exit for the petrol station, T2 and the cargo centre looking out for the exit marked Arrecife / Yaiza. You have to be ready at this point as to which direction you want, the signpost says Pto del Carmen / Tias / Yaiza which is straight on and Arrecife which is an immediate turn right.

For Puerto del Carmen follow straight on for Pto del Carmen.

Straight on Puerto del CarmenSharp bend join dual carriageway

Take care, this road circles around to join the main dual carriageway (LZ-2), you are going to join traffic moving at speeds up to 100 km per hour, they will not give way to you, you must wait until there is a gap before joining the flow. Almost immediately you need to move over to the left hand lane signposted Puerto del Carmen and take the slip way over to the left, wait at the slip road from the airport until you can see a big enough gap to make this manoeuvre.

Sign Puerto del CarmenGo Left Puerto del Carmen

Drop your speed back to 50 km per hour when you’ve joined the slip way for Puerto del Carmen (LZ-40), as you come around the bend you should see Inde Lasa on your right and two petrol stations up ahead. Just past the stations and go karting track there is a right hand exit which you should take if staying in the Matagorda area of Puerto del Carmen.

Road to Puerto del CarmenTurn off for Matagorda

If you don’t want Matagorda, continue on along the LZ-40 until you can see the theme park Rancho Texas ahead on the right.

Rancho Texas junctionSecond roundabout PDC

The Rancho Texas exit is the main junction for the resort of Puerto del Carmen, take this right hand slip road and go around the roundabout under the bridge and straight on at the next roundabout, this road brings you to “The Strip" running along the sea front, if you’re staying in the Playa Los Pocillos area turn left otherwise turn right to pass along the front to Playa Grande and the Old Town.

Old Town Puerto del Carmen junctionFinal junction Puerto del Carmen

If you are still on the LZ-40 road from the airport, there are a further two junctions for Puerto del Carmen, the third exit is for the Old Town area, this junction will bring you on to Juan Carlos where the Biosfera shopping centre is situated.

The fourth exit and end of the LZ-40 is a roundabout where you can go left to pass through Los Mojones and back to the old harbour area of Puerto del Carmen.

The Strip

If you’d like to take the scenic route, we would suggest that you take the first turning for Matagorda, there are two roundabouts, take the first right exit at both and just drive along the main Avenida de Las Playas (The Strip), accommodation complexes and hotels are sign posted off this road in yellow.

You’ve arrived at the resort of Puerto del Carmen, now you just need to find your accommodation! You can download a street map of Puerto del Carmen here: Lanzarote Map

Using the Lanzarote distance table it is 9 km from Arrecife Airport to Puerto del Carmen.

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