Lanzarote Is Blooming!

Parts of Lanzarote are fast becoming a tourist attraction due to the abundance of wild flowers in bloom at the moment.

Matthiola longipetala in LanzaroteMatthiola bolleana longipetala in Lanzarote

Alheli Canario LanzaroteFlor violada near Puerto Calero

The most spectacular and popular floral view has been the fields of Flor violada as it’s known locally, which has taken over the landscape between Puerto Calero and Mácher. Not only do the flowers look good, they smell great too! These violet coloured flowers are Alhelí Canario a species derived from Matthiola bolleana & longipetala, which you might know as night or evening scented stock.

Ruin habitat areas in the north of Lanzarote are in bloom too, the most striking is the vibrant blue & pink flower Echium lancerottense which is endemic to Lanzarote. A spectacular place to see this flower at the moment is next to the church in Yé, by the Mirador del Río.

Field of Echium Lancerottense in LanzaroteBlue & pink Echium lancerottense La Corona

This blue haze stretches from the church to the foot of La Corona.

Flora in HariaValley of a thousand palms in flower

In Haría’s valley of a thousand palms, the landscape is turning blue, yellow and white with a mixture of flowers. The white is Alyssum, there’s a variety of yellow species including Sisymbrium officinalis present and the Echium is the blue.

It’s a beautiful time to be walking in the countryside of Lanzarote, you can find two different wild flower albums on our Facebook page, this one is recent Lanzarote in Bloom 2015 and our collection of Wild Flowers in Lanzarote was started in 2012.

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