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First let me give you the bad news: Getting a job in Lanzarote from abroad is pretty much impossible. You really need to be here to get work.

Now for the good news: There is work available here!

If you're seriously considering moving here, you'll find many of the answers you need are in this downloadable book: The Camel Guide to Relocating to Lanzarote

First, let's talk about the type of work available to you. Obviously the tourism sector is the largest employer on the island, and they offer all the jobs you would expect, from chamber maids to hotel managers and from bar and restaurant staff to tour reps and managers. Additionally there is the whole supporting infrastructure, which might see you working as a boat hand on a pleasure vessel, a scuba diving instructor or even an entertainer in a hotel or bar.

What many people forget is that, as with any economy, there are all the "normal" jobs as well, administrative roles, managerial roles, insurance and banking jobs and so on. But for many of these Spanish language skills are essential. However, there are many businesses on the island owned by English speakers, who will be happy to employ you as well. British owned businesses here include the obvious bars and estate agents, but also printers, pool companies, building firms and even accountants.

So how do you go about getting a job? The answer is by working hard at it! Many, many job vacancies here are filled by word of mouth. There is a sophisticated grapevine here amongst business owners, probably because there aren't job centres or employment agencies for the British community on the island. So the answer is to tap into that grapevine and tell everyone you meet that you're looking for work - sooner or later your phone will ring and someone will be asking you to pop in and see them. If you're looking for bar work for example, then call in to all the bars in your area and ask them if they have work available, if they don't, be sure to leave them your contact details.

There are more conventional methods. Check the local magazines like The Gazette, have a look online at the key Lanzarote websites with forums like and Discover Lanzarote and maybe target certain local companies and send them an email with your CV. Another common way of getting work here is to place an advertisement of your own on the websites, in the magazines or even on the many notice boards which are provided in public places like Deiland Shopping Centre, The English Cash and Carry, or in the larger petrol stations - it's not very sophisticated, but it works!

Read our posts about employment contracts information about being self employed or owning and running your own business on the island. We will post any job vacancy information we hear about in the Business & Jobs section of this website. Sign up to the Lanzarote Information community, we’ll send you a regular newsletter with links to the new posts, just look out for the ones with Jobs in Lanzarote in the title!

Register as unemployed & looking for work with your local council Agencia de Empleo y Desarrollo Local (AEDL).

Servicio Canario de Empleo

All good advice

After being here on the mainland for many many years, I am amazed at the number of people that think they can organise "work" from abroad. I want to see the candidate, see that she turns up on time sober and clean. I usually interview in bars or hotels and note what the candidate drinks. I always drink agua con gas and somebody who hits 3 beers or wines before noon is unlikely to get a second interview. I also keep to a timetable. Not turning up on time for an interview is not going to impress. Don't tell me how much you want the job when you turn up 45 minutes late and looking the worse for that last litre of vodka.

Good luck - YES, there is work but look for it in a professional way and your chances are much higher!

Welcome Steve!

All good advice Steve, thanks. Although it sounds like you've had some bad experiences with people and the demon drink!


Hi, I have just moved to

I have just moved to Lanzarote from Ireland. I am delighted to find your website with so much useful information. I am currently seeking employment, full or part time hours and I am currently situated in Puerto del Carmen. I am familiar with the island and have been a visitor here many times previously.
I would be very grateful if anyone would have any advice for me as to where and if there may be work available with an English company.
I am 28 years old and have a positive and professional working background. I am a fully trained florist although I have many other professional attributes to pursue other areas of work.
Many Thanks in Advance,
Jeanette Walsh


hi me and my husband are look to move to lanzarote in the next couple of months, and are looking for any bar, beach, waiter/waitress, cleaning jobs plus i am a quilified hairdress if you could inform me of any jobs which are going we are awilling to travel at any time thanks kelly


Hi Kelly, all of the jobs we hear about are posted in the Business & Jobs section with "Jobs in Lanzarote" in their title. We've had a few through recently, to keep up to date just join the community and you'll get a weekly newsletter with a link to all the articles.



I am a full qualified acrylic nail technician is there much opportunitity for this type of work in Lanzarote? Any advise would be helpful, thanks!


Nails are usually offered in conjunction with a hair salon or mobile here, it might be worth trying to contact some local hairdressers to see if they have some space for you.

Thanks i will do! :)

Thanks i will do! :)

i have been to lanzarote 10

i have been to lanzarote 10 times and know the area well .I know there is not much grass if any i just want to know what it is like to get a job as a gardener i have been gardening for 12 years i am coming over in october is there info you could give me thanks

I am looking to move abroad

I am looking to move abroad until the end of the year, so roughly for 5 months. I have been in Ibiza for 2 months but it did not suit me and wasn't somewhere i wanted to stay.
I have been to lanzarote on holiday twice, and love the island. I have plenty of bar, and waiting on experience, how likely is it that, if i were to move with enough money for two weeks of living, that id find a job in that duration of time, thanks, Dan.

Moving & Working in Lanzarote

Hi Everyone,

Me, my husband and 3 year old son have been discussing moving to Lanzarote. We've been to Puerto Del Carmen a few times now and totally love the place (old town)

This is my first step in researching moving abroad etc so I am quite niave!

My husband, by trade is a groudworker, block paviour, machine driver etc. Is it likely he will find a job in this sector?

Also, theres the task of finding somewhere to live! Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to look.

Im going to give the info a read which Jules has suggested now. I know there will be a million and one things to consider before actually taking the plunge, and if it wasnt for having my son to think off Id have booked 1 way flights before now!

Any help is greatly appreciated, and if anyones reading who has moved out there from the uk and would like to share there experiences with me that would also be great!

Thanks Again


Hi I'm wanting to come over

Hi I'm wanting to come over in January this year. Am just planning to get bar work by asking at bars when I get there. I will have about enough money to last one month with no work. Can anyone tell me if this will be possible? Any help appreciated thanks

building villa in lanzerote

hi im planning to build a couple of villas in lanzerote i would like some advise re building regs and style of building ect cheers nick

Looking for work winter 2010

I was wondering if anyone knows there is much work on the island for this winter. I am flying there this Thursday from Barcelona as I have finished working my summer season here in Salou and am hoping to find work for the winter months. Any Information about bar or entertainment jobs would be great.

Many Thanks Jessica


hi im looking to move to lanzarote sometime soon for a few months i am a qualified beautician but can understand there is not much work in this but am willing to do bar work etc im finding it hard to find info about jobs in bars online need help please thank you :)


i used to live in lanzarote and my parents still holiday there 3 times a year. i worked in saxos in costa teguise running the bowling alley.

id love to move back but from what ive heard its changed a lot,lots of bars sold etc so im not sure if i could go back.

id love to though.


i am just wondering how hard it is to get work in lanzarote,preferably playa blanca.working in a bar or waitressing,anything really.i would be looking to move there in the next four months.
Any information would be great.

Work in winter

Hello! I currently work in a bar in Menorca may to october, but I would love to find some work in the canary islands between November and April (not necessarily the whole 6 months).
I have never been there before, and as I currently live on an island that pretty much shuts down for winter, I was wondering if anyone could give me some idea of what it's like during the winter months.
I am 28, English but speak Spanish and some german and was also wondering which is the best month to come out to find work for winter? Do I stand much chance getting some work in winter? And where's the best place to head for?
Any advice would be much appreciated as I'm not sure where to start! :)

Hello Lucy The island

Hello Lucy
The island doesn't shut down, the winter months are quieter the drop off is at the end of October, we have a busy Christmas and then half term in February. The other weeks have tourists is small supply, mainly couples and pensioners although some families with small children too. Work is difficult but you have the right languages, it's just a case of getting out and talking to people mainly. If you have some savings then it could be worth coming over to see how you get on, I wouldn't recommend it if you have to work from day 1 to survive.
Good luck :)

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