Ironman Lanzarote Results & Photos 2010

swim-start-all James Mitchell Another amazing Ironman race in Lanzarote, the athletes participating are just incredible and everyone who starts an Ironman event are heroes in my opinion regardless of their results.

(Photo right courtesy James Mitchell)

For the first time this year I volunteered for kayak support. To experience the start of Ironman Lanzarote from the water is really something else, wave after wave of orange caps leapt into the sea and the race was on. The swimmers have from 7am to 9.20am to complete the two laps of a 1.9km course, the pro’s caught up the slower of the age groupers to lap them as they finished, when the cut off was approaching there were still 4 swimmers in the water. Two of them were Edwina Brocklesby and Peter Kelledy both competing in the age group 65-69. With surfers and kayakers around them these swimmers were encouraged on to the finish, Edwina made the cut off, sadly Peter finished to a huge round of applause but the race was over for him.

Kayak Support TeamPeter Kelledy 1561

The first finishers out of the water on the swim were:

Male Female

1st Stephen Bayliss Hillary Biscay

2nd Philip Graves Bella Bayliss

3rd Eneko Llanos Catriona Morrison

Ironman Lanzarote Bella Bayliss SwimIronman Lanzarote 2010 Bert Jammaer Swim

IM Lanza Swim to Bike generalIM Lanza 2010 UK Fire

On to their bikes and now for the 180km course around Lanzarote, with a total climbing of 2550m above sea level this is a tough course, fortunately the very strong winds had dropped with almost no head wind but also no tail wind to help the cyclists back to Puerto del Carmen. Catriona Morrison was enjoying her ride as first woman until her chain suddenly snapped when passing through Teguise, after phoning for a mechanic she calmly waited in the shade, taking on food and water chatting with the spectators whilst wondering if her race was over. Incredibly despite this stop and being 28 minutes behind the leaders at the start of the marathon Cat went on to overtake Bella Bayliss on the last lap and win the event! Maik Twelsiek broke Thomas Hellriegel’s 15 year bike course record with a fantastic time of 04:40:58.

IM Lanza 2010 bikersIM Lanza 2010 bike to run transition

Ironman Lanzarote 2010 Bella Bayliss Bike Ironman Lanzarote 2010Tara Norton Bike

The first back from the bike route to start the marathon were:

Male Female

1st Maik Twelsiek Bella Bayliss

2nd Bert Jammaer Tara Norton

3rd Eneko Llanos Nicole Woysch

During the marathon is when you can get up close and personal with the Ironmen, they really do appreciate the support from the spectators and so worthy of a clap or a shout out, you have to remember that these guys and girls have been constantly on the go since 7am, for the pro’s its a 9 hour race for the age groupers they are aiming to finish in the 17 hours allowed. I was lucky to be volunteering again on the Los Pocillos aid station in the afternoon and met some fantastic people:

Paula Tunnadine has a stunning figure and a great personality! Racing for Wales in the 45-49 age group category this girl made me laugh each time she passed through, on the second lap she was bored with the view and on the final lap told me she didn’t want to see me again! (13:08:46)

Jof Owen, Jason Wilkes and Darrren Blockley all live in Lanzarote and were competing in their first Ironman Lanzarote finishing 12:50:03, 11:42:52 and 14:36:30 respectively – I walked a section with Daz on the first lap, he’d enjoyed his swim, was disappointed with his bike time he had missed the tail wind and his feet were a mess but he was determined to finish.

Ironman Lanzarote 2010 Darren BlockleyIM Lanza 2010 runners

Charles Cable had a great running vest with the words “Am I there yet?" on the front and I won’t tell you the response on the back!

Charles 1435 Am I There YetIronman Lanzarote 2010 UK Fire Service

Edwina Brocklesby was still in great shape on the run, I walked through the aid station chatting with her, all Eddy wanted was to earn her slot for the Ford Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. (15:45:09)

There were a number of men racing from the UK Fire Service, with Union Jack outfits they were raising great big cheers from the crowds as they passed through.

Ironman Lanzarote Ain Alar starting runIronman Lanzarote 2010 Tara Norton Run Start

A number of the male pro’s didn’t make the run, Ain-Alar Juhanson was walking his bike through transition and although went out to start the run he stopped before the first timing point. Both Stephen Bayliss and Philip Graves weren’t running, Philip who is only 21 sent out the following tweet from his mobile “i am banning myself from all Ironman racing for at least 18 months! if you see me on a start line of an Ironman between then please shoot me".

Peter Lissens from Project Superman in his words “crashed and burned" he was rushed by ambulance to hospital at 18km into the marathon, there’s a short piece on his blog that he still can’t stay up for more than 20 minutes without fainting or vomiting.

Lanzarote residents and professional triathletes Nicholas Ward Munñoz a 29 year old Brit from Tinajo and Gregorio Cáceres Morales a 33 year old Conejero from Las Breñas finished 6th (08:55:55) and 11th (09:15:26) respectively.

We were concerned when Bella stopped running on the last lap at Los Pocillos, she took some time to stretch her hamstrings out and then continued with encouragement from hubby Stephen, the pause lost her the first place and third win which was just within her grasp but Bella reached her personal goal of a top five position.

Ironman Lanzarote 2010 Bella Bayliss RunIM Lanza 2010 supporters

Special mention for the TriYaiza team racing Raul, Feliz, Maxi and Alberto – looking good guys :) Special thanks to Sam who was part of the volunteer team at our aid station before running to the finish line with "Totally Tall Paul" on his first Ironman race.

The first five female finishers:

1 Catriona Morrison SCO PRO 10:03:53

2 Louise Collins ENG 25-29 10:05:21 (An age grouper beating the pro’s for second place!!)

3 Nicole Woysch GER PRO 10:11:18

4 Bella Bayliss GBR PRO 10:16:47

5 Tara Norton CAN PRO 10:17:37

The first five male finishers:

1  Eneko Llanos ESP PRO 08:37:43

2  Bert Jammaer BEL PRO 08:39:36

3  Maik Twelsiek GER PRO 08:42:53

4  Gerrit Schellens BEL PRO 08:56:59

5  Tuukka Miettinen FIN PRO 08:57:17

You can search for an individual’s results on the athlete tracker or download a copy of the full list below. Lanzarote has a new event this year, the Ocean Lava Triathlon on the 5th September 2010, registration is now open for this half Iron distance event which is open to individuals and teams. For more information please go to their website Ocean Lava Events the organiser is Kenneth Gasque, Ironman Lanzarote Race Director.

Did you participate in this year's Ironman Lanzarote? What was it like? How did you do? Were you here supporting someone? Please leave a comment below....

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